Year in Review: The Panther’s Most Notable Headlines from 2022

Amy-Grace Shapiro, Online-Co-Editor-in-Chief

2022 takes responsibility for surged inflations throughout the world, the spread of the Omicron COVID-19 variant, Russia invading Ukraine, the United States Supreme Court overturning abortion rights, record-breaking heat waves, deadly droughts throughout the world, flooding in Pakistan, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the world population exceeding eight billion and COP27’s loss and damage fund for vulnerable countries. However, 2022 also brought some positive attributions like the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China, scientists finally pinpointed how star formations in the galaxy began, Victoria’s Secret featured a model with Down Syndrome and the World Cup played a match with an entirely female referee panel.  

From Jan. 1 to mid-December, The Panther has published hundreds of stories ranging from Miami Palmetto Senior High’s campus culture to breaking news coverage, election results, letters to political leaders, the hottest hits in pop culture and more. 

Together, these articles convey the feeling of a world convulsing or uniting in harmony — nearly 600 stories have been published in 2022, which all tell the narrative of the world.

So, here are 25 of the most notable news stories we told this year:

  1. FDA Approves Booster Shot for 12-15 Year Olds
  2. Bob Saget Found Dead In Orlando Hotel at Age 65
  3. Staple Miami Barbeque Restaurant ‘Shorty’s’ Land Sold For $14.5 Million
  4. Bloody Money: Elizabeth Holmes Convicted of Criminal Fraud
  5. Pinecrest House Fire Highlights the Importance of Community
  6. Pinecrest Village Potable Water Project Connects Homes to Water
  7. Russia Launches Military Invasion Against Ukraine
  8. The “Don’t Say Gay Bill” Passes In the Florida House of Representatives
  9. Palmetto Making a Mark: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Nominated as Supreme Court Justice
  10. President Biden Gives Historic First State of the Union Address
  11. Prime Minister Khan’s Dissolving of the National Assembly Proven Unconstitutional
  12. U.S. Citizens Can Now Choose The Gender “X” On Their Passport
  13. Palmetto Alumni Sam Zelaya Signs With Grade A Label
  14. Politico Report Reveals Possible Overturn of Roe v. Wade
  15. U.S. Soccer Agrees to Guarantee Equal Pay for Players
  16. Monkeypox Cases Reported Worldwide
  17. 21 Dead After School Shooting at Elementary School in Texas
  18. Statement From Columbia University Confirms Use of Inaccurate Data in College Rankings
  19. Ongoing Water Crisis Brings Challenges to Every Corner of The United States
  20. Giorgia Meloni Becomes Italy’s New Prime Minister
  21. Taylor Swift Becomes First Artist With All Top 10 tracks on Billboard Hot 100
  22. Anna May Wong: The Trailblazing Actress Featured On New Quarters
  23. The Iranian Crisis: A Battle For Civil Rights
  24. U.S. Senate Approves Bill Protecting Same-Sex and Interracial Marriage
  25. FIFA Declines Ukraine’s Request to Share Message of Peace

The Panther did not shy away from pop-culture coverage, shedding light on movies, music, events and more.

  1. Design Miami: A Global Forum for Collectible Design
  2. The Legacy: Betty White’s Impact on the World
  3. 14 Days of Love Day 1: For the Love of Words: Wordle Takes the Internet by S-t-o-r-m
  4. 14 Days of Love Day 4: INTJ, ENFP, INFP, INFJ…? The 16 Personality Types and How They Affect Your Relationships
  5. Run DMC to Tyler, The Creator: How Hip-Hop Influences Fashion
  6. Introducing Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser Hotel
  7. Lights, Camera, Action! Miami Film Festival Returns
  8. How to Become Involved in the World of Politics as a Youth
  9. Sprouting Into the Miami Market Scene: Looking into the Creation of Sprout’s Market
  10. Earth Day 2022: How Miami Activists Advocate For The Planet
  11. The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Case Reveals the Glorification of Celebrities’ Lives
  12. Calling All Vinyl Enthusiasts: The Top Five Record Stores in Miami
  13. “Don’t Worry Darling” Featuring Harry Styles
  14. Meet Me at Midnight: Taylor Swift’s Tenth Studio Album Release
  15. “One Giant Leap For Mankind:” Celebrating World Space Week
  16. Songs and the Senses: Why our Music Preferences Shift with the Seasons
  17. A Celebration of the Creative Chaos: 20 Years of Miami Art Basel

Feature stories allow The Panther to break down and investigate, uncovering a whole new perspective on mundane topics. 

  1. Palmetto’s Booster Club: The Glue Behind the Football Team
  2. A COVID-19 Holiday: How Panthers Took Charge of Their Winter Break
  3. The Joy of Coffee: The Inside Scoop Into Palmetto’s Coffee Culture
  4. Following The Dream: Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  5. Bringing Back Baseball: Palmetto’s Annual Blue and White Game
  6. PHOTOGALLERY: Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Palmetto
  7. Palmetto’s Broadway Musical: Spongebob Squarepants
  8. Behind the Black: An Inside Look at TVP’s Panthers in Black 2022
  9. Celebrating the Arts Through PCMP’S Second Annual ArtsFest
  10. Celebrating Femininity: National Women’s History Month
  11. Getting a Head Start: Palmetto’s On-the-Job Training Program
  12. Panthers in STEM: Leaving a Mark at the National Chemistry Olympiad
  13. Behind the Unsung Sports: The Coaches of Palmetto
  14. Countdown to Prom: Preparing For Palmetto’s First Prom in Two Years
  15. The Evolution and Impact of Social and Political Commentary in Music
  16. The Dynamic Duo: Special Olympics Team and the National Honor Society
  17. Getting Hands-On with the American Sign Language Department
  18. Palmetto’s Start With Hello Week 2022
  19. Battle of the Classes: Palmetto’s 2022 Panther Prowl
  20. Rain or Shine: Palmetto’s 2022 Spirit Week Continues
  21. Palmetto’s Clubs Honor World Mental Health Day

Throughout the year, The Panther covered in-school, local, in-state and nationwide sports from football, tennis, softball, soccer and more. 

  1. She Shoots, She Scores!: Palmetto Lady Panthers Soccer Team Dominates Season
  2. Rams Edge Bengals to Win Super Bowl LVI
  3. The Magical, Wizarding World of Quidditch
  4. The Championship PGA Tour in Florida
  5. Palmetto’s Winter 2022 All-County Team Results
  6. Polo World Cup Gallops onto Miami Beach
  7. Goat Yoga Takes on Pinecrest One Hoof at a Time
  8. Racing Into Grand Prix Weekend
  9. National Bike Month: Five Beautiful Places to Bike in South Florida
  10. The Florida Panthers Advance to the Next Round of Stanley Cup Playoffs
  11. A Farewell to Four-Time Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel
  12. A Touchdown into Fantasy Football
  13. Serena Williams’ Greatness Comes to a Close
  14. Sports Commentary: Is Florida College Football Failing?
  15. Palmetto Student Section Culture
  16. The Newest Combat Sport: The Power Slap League
  17. Where, When and Why to Watch the FIFA World Cup 2022
  18. The Power of Politics in Sports

When it comes to opinions, The Panther staff has many. Below are some of the most impactful opinion editorials of 2022.

  1. Dear Classmates, Please Keep Wearing Your Mask
  2. Why “Don’t Look Up” Is Not Science Fiction For Climate Activists
  3. This Girl > That Girl: How a Mentality Shift Can Change Your Life
  4. The Year of the Tiger: What Chinese New Year Means to Me
  5. Taking a Step Back: A Book Ban Wave
  6. Dated Prevention Program: The Need to Reform the D.A.R.E Program
  7. The Bloodshed for Democracy: A Letter to Russia and Ukraine From an Outsider
  8. A College Admissions Anecdote: Understanding the Unexpectedness of the Process
  9. High School Isn’t Like the Movies and That’s OK
  10. Knowing When to Give and How to Grow: How Navigate a World Where We Settle For Less Than We Deserve
  11. Leaving My Hispanic Family for College is the Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done
  12. Dear Independent Moms: I See, Respect and Admire You
  13. Is $10,000 really enough?
  14. Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation: Where Do We Draw the Line?
  15. Stuck in a Hard Corner: Back to School Should be Exciting, Not Terrifying
  16. A Tale as Old as Time: The Importance of Diversity in Disney
  17. How Living In A Foreign Country Changed My Life
  18. How My Black Hispanic Identity Has Shaped My Life
  19. Why the Glamorization of Serial Killers is Dangerous
  20. Dear Kanye West, You Need To Calm Down
  21. How Far Is Too Far? Environmental Protesters Attempt to Destroy Famous Historical Art Works
  22. FACEOFF: Can You Separate the Art from the Artist?