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NBA Return Plans

Jack Meyer, Online Editor-in-Chief

May 27, 2020

On Mar. 11, the NBA indefinitely suspended its season after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus. Much has happened since then, including widespread stay-at-home orders and temporary non-essential business closures across the United States. As the U.S. begins to return to...

Canceled and Postponed Sports

Camilla Bondy, Design Editor

April 26, 2020

Due to COVID-19, a lot of changes have occured in   our everyday lives. One big thing that has changed is the cancellation of all sports. Fans await the days where they can once again show their spirit and support for their friends, and players wait for the days when they can do what they love. ...

How Pro Athletes Are Spending Their Time Now

Jane Heise, Managing Editor

April 25, 2020

As most of the United States hunkers down in quarantine, many have struggled finding a remedy for boredom. This does not exclude professional athletes, who have all taken to social media in one form or another to share their quarantine activities with their fans. The popular app, Tiktok, has infiltrated the...

Staying Healthy During Lockdown

Julia Strasius, Design Editor

April 21, 2020

Being under quarantine can make an individual feel stuck and hopeless. However, it creates an opportunity for one to form a healthy routine in their daily life. Here are some ways you can stay healthy during quarantine: Create a Workout Routine  According to a report done by the U.S. Department of Health a...

NBA Season Simulation

Jack Meyer, News Editor

April 3, 2020

After Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus, the NBA indefinitely suspended their season and several other professional sports leagues followed suit. This has left sports fans wondering how the rest of the season may pan out if the season resumes later in the year. It has also ...

LATEST NEWS: NBA Suspended Due to Coronavirus

Jack Meyer and Valentina Caceres

March 12, 2020

On Mar. 11, the NBA announced the suspension of the season until further notice. The news came after the abrupt cancellation of Wednesday’s game between the Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder right before tipoff, due to the revelation that Utah player Ruby Gobert tested positive for COVID-19. ...

Palmetto’s Winter Sports Update

Allison Gould and Valentina Caceres

March 4, 2020

Going into the winter sports season, Miami Palmetto Senior High’s athletics program had a lot of pressure to mirror the fall sports season’s success. Basketball, soccer and wrestling completely exceeded expectations this past season. This year, Palmetto’s boys soccer team had one  of their best...

Palmetto’s Lady Panthers Win District Championships

Camilla Bondy, Design Editor

February 26, 2020

At the start of every season, the Lady Panthers condition, watch previous films to learn plays and practice rigorously for two hours every day. This routine happens six days a week, all in hopes of having a successful season. Many of these ladies played throughout elementary and middle school, anticipating...

14 Days of Love Day 12: The Importance of Mental Health in Sports

14 Days of Love Day 12: The Importance of Mental Health in Sports

Valentina Caceres, Sports Editor/Multimedia Editor

February 12, 2020

Athletes are often viewed as superhumans, with their ability to constantly push themselves to new limits to hone and strengthen their skills and conquer the game. When an athlete suffers a physical injury, every resource possible provides them help to quickly heal and return to the sport good as new. Howev...

14 Days of Love Day 10: Homophobia in the Sports World

Sydney Campbell, Design Editor

February 10, 2020

Although the acceptence of homosexuality is increasing amongst the public and in everyday society, a major stigma still exists in the sports industry.  Male dominated sports, especially football, hold deeply ingrained heterosexual norms. From the “manliness” and toughness of the players to the ph...

NBA Trade Deadline Recap

Jack Meyer, News Editor

February 8, 2020

Every February, NBA fans stay glued to their phones anticipating an alert from ESPN. Sometimes, these alerts bring joy, while other times they bring confusion. However, it never fails to deliver a feeling of excitement. This essentially summarizes the NBA trade deadline, where teams typically move play...

Florida Panthers on the Rise

Jack Meyer, News Editor

February 7, 2020

The Florida Panthers’ 2019-2020 season has been off to a tremendous start. Entering the All-Star Break, the Panthers currently sit at third place in the Atlantic Division with an impressive record of 29-17-5 — meaning 29 wins, 17 losses and five overtime losses. Additionally, the Panthers have especially be...

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