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Our Mission Statement

The Panther staff aims to inform fellow students and parents about school-wide, local, national and international news. The Panther‘s content aims to represent the student body. Editorials feature the opinions of staffers. Features of other students, teachers and clubs further promote the spirit, culture and personality of Miami Palmetto Senior High.


Editorial Policy

The Panther is a monthly publication of Miami Palmetto Senior High, 7460 S.W. 118th Street Miami, FL 33156, (305) 235-1360 ext. 2337. The views expressed are solely those of The Panther staff. Students who wish to respond to an article in this publication or discuss another issue may write letters to the editor and submit them to room 1124 or email us at [email protected]. The Panther has professional membership in NSPA and CSPA.


Byline Policy: 

All creative work (such as illustrations, graphics, photos and writing) will include byline credits.

Correction Policy:

Any errors online will be acknowledged immediately. Errors include facts, figures, misquoting and name misspellings.

Advertising Policy:

Ads will be designed by the advertiser and include all information the advertiser wants to include. If the advertiser asks the staff to design the ad, the individual who sold the ad will design the ad or the Advertising Chair will. Ads will be approved by EICs, the Advisor and the Advertising Chair. If an ad produced is illegible, contains false information, or the advertiser does not like it, they will receive a free ad in the next issue. If you would like to advertise, please contact us.


Anti-Discrimination Policy

The School Board shall comply with all Federal Laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination and all requirements and regulations of the U.S. Department of Education. The Board will enforce its prohibition against discrimination/harassment based on sex, race, color, ethnic, or national origin, religion, marital status, disability, age, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, gender identification, social and family background, linguistic preference, pregnancy and any other basis prohibited by law. The Board shall maintain an educational and work environment free from all forms of discrimination/harassment, which includes Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Title IX prohibits sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct such as unwelcome touching, graphic verbal comments, sexual jokes, slurs, gestures or pictures. All students, administrators, teachers, staff, and all other school personnel share responsibility for avoiding, discouraging, and reporting any form of prohibited discrimination or harassment against students by employees, other students and their parents or guardians, or third parties. This policy prohibits discrimination and harassment at all School District operations, programs, and activities on school property, or at another location if it occurs during an activity sponsored by the Board.

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