A COVID-19 Holiday: How Panthers Took Charge of Their Winter Break

Nicole Martin, Copy Editor

It is no secret that this winter break and holiday season did not resemble a typical one. In the midst of COVID-19 ridden streets and long testing lines, big holiday celebrations and fun-filled days on vacation with friends turned into staying isolated at home, canceled plans and celebrating the holidays with masks on and following social distancing guidelines around family.

Despite the rise in cases, however, many Miami Palmetto Senior High school students who found themselves stuck inside with COVID-19 found creative ways to persevere and make the best of their winter break. Palmetto senior Josie Blohm shares her experience having a COVID-19 holiday:

“Most of my friends and family members had COVID, so my break was pretty quiet. My parents, siblings and I stayed at home; my grandparents came down from North Carolina. On New Year’s my neighbors set off fireworks on our golf course,” Blohm said.

With new sights to see and places to go, some Panthers took the opportunity to travel this break: 

“I went to Colorado and went snowboarding with a ton of family and shredded gnarly powder. I stayed in [Beaver Creek] for five days,” Palmetto senior Marcos Tamargo said.

Other Palmetto students stayed in the state and went to warmer weather.

“Over break, I went to Siesta Key, Sarasota. I went to the beach and in the pool a lot. I also spent time with my friends,” Palmetto sophomore Lucy Pena said.

Some Palmetto students traveled abroad and experienced different cultures. 

“I went to Colombia, ate at exotic restaurants and went on a lot of hiker trails,” Palmetto sophomore Nicole Kahl said.

Palmetto students also took advantage of traveling to see family members that lived out of state. 

“Me and my family drove to Tennessee and spent the week celebrating New Year’s and Christmas with my uncles and aunts,” Palmetto sophomore Lucy Pinto said.

Other Panthers spent their breaks here at home in Miami, spending valuable time with family and friends.

“Over winter break I spent quality time with my family like going bowling, shopping and watching movies together,” Palmetto junior Jhania Askew said.

Palmetto sophomore Bianca Valdes spent her break doing similar activities. 

“My winter break was relatively simple. I spent some time with my family and went out to places like the movies, Brickell and the mall with my friends,” Valdes said. 

In Miami, some Palmetto students took advantage of the warm weather and spent time at local hotspots. 

“I just spent time with my friends and family and I went out on the boat a few times to the sandbar at Elliot Key,” Palmetto sophomore Isabella Sosa said.

Differently, some took advantage of the new movies that came out over the break and enjoyed some relaxation time. 

”My family started a small tradition last year where, on Christmas Day, we sit around the living room and watch movies together. We watched “Encanto,” which my family and I really enjoyed,” Palmetto sophomore Mia Gonsales-Lazar said.

And some Panthers spent their break just living their best lives.

“Over winter break I worked a lot, shopped a lot and copped a lot,” Palmetto junior Paris Anderson said.

Hopefully, everyone had a wonderful winter break full of quality time with those they love. Here is a toast to the 2022 school year!