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Trump Campaign Claims to Have Raised $50.5 Million at Florida Fundraiser
Jasmine Judge, Business Manager • April 8, 2024

On Saturday, April 6, former President Donald Trump held a fundraiser in Palm Beach, Fla. for his campaign...

Trump Says Abortion is a State Matter
Luna Garcia, Design Editor • April 8, 2024

On April 8, in a recent statement on his social media, former President and 2024 presidential candidate...

Suspect Identified for Arson Incident at Senator Sanders’ Vermont Offices
Anna Levitt, Copy Editor • April 8, 2024

According to the Department of Justice, on Sunday, a suspect was apprehended in connection with a fire...

PHOTOGALLERY: Class of 2025 Junior Ring Ceremony
Captain’s Tavern Turns 53
Miami’s Flea Markets Bringing out the Artsy, Sustainable and Fashion-Forward
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Friends for Life: Duos Going Together to College
PHOTOGALLERY: 2024 Senior Picnic
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PHOTOGALLERY: Palmetto Girls Lacrosse Senior Game
PHOTOGALLERY: Palmetto Girls Lacrosse Senior Game
Ella Wehmeyer, Multimedia Photo Editor • April 6, 2024

2024 Wrestling State Qualifiers
Paulina Handal, Multimedia Video Editor • March 16, 2024

Miami Palmetto Senior High’s wrestling team has three qualifiers for this year’s wrestling state...

Finding Happiness Through Hoops: Israeli Teens Come to Miami for Basketball
Mia Shields and Alexis James February 15, 2024

From Feb.1-Feb.2, Miami was home to a basketball team of 26 Israeli boys ages 12-15, along with their...

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High School Sport Suspensions: How Their Cost Outweigh the Few Benefits
Justin Fechter, Staff Writer • March 19, 2024

The primary reaction of schools when it comes to how to discipline a student is punishment. If someone...

Agreeing to Disagree: Learning to Treat Everyone with Respect
William Albury, Multimedia Photo Editor • March 19, 2024

Living in a world with a melting pot full of backgrounds, political beliefs and religions can make it...

Is This About Human Life or Politics? 
Amy-Grace Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief • March 16, 2024

On Feb. 20, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos are considered children and are protected...

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