Palmetto’s Winter 2022 All-County Team Results

Amy-Grace Shapiro, Feature Editor

On Tuesday, Apr. 5, the Miami Herald released its annual 2022 Winter All-County Team award recipients. Miami Herald sports writers worked alongside local coaches and officials to receive input on players while selecting the Winter All-County Teams for sports including soccer, basketball, wrestling and cheerleading. 

For over 60 years, the Winter All-County awards have recognized exemplary student athletes in their respective fields, courts, arenas and mats. Since the inception of the Dade and Broward sports awards in 1957, the program has established a well-known system for supporting and encouraging academic and athletic excellence.  

Below are the Miami Palmetto Senior High students selected for an All-County Team honor, deemed as the best of Miami-Dade, from the 7A-5A district.

First Team recipients: 

Sophomore, Emma Weinberg (Girl’s Soccer)

Junior, Jasyn Altchek (Girl’s Soccer)

Senior, Angelina Gonsalves (Girl’s Soccer)

Sophomore, Sami Anes (Girl’s Soccer)

Senior, Jimel Lane (Boy’s Basketball)

Second Team recipients: 

Sophomore, Catherine Green (Girl’s Soccer)

Junior, Nathalia Concha (Girl’s Soccer)

Freshman, Mya Lara (Girl’s Soccer)

Junior, Aisha Bess (Girl’s Basketball)

Senior, Armando Cardona (Boy’s Wrestling)

Junior, Richard Alexander (Boy’s Wrestling)

Third Team recipients:

Sophomore, Lola Cattaneo (Girl’s Soccer)

Senior, Anthony Salazar (Boy’s Basketball)

Junior, Ronald Butler (Boy’s Wrestling)

Honorable Mention recipients: 

Freshman, Abby Pereira (Girl’s Soccer)

Sophomore, Braylon Burbridge (Boy’s Basketball)

Sophomore, Cameron Gallivan (Boy’s Wrestling)