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Should Live Action Characters Look Like The Cartoons?

Valentina Caceres, Senior Multimedia Editor March 25, 2021

In the past few years, Hollywood has focused on bringing beloved cartoon shows and movies back for new and old audiences through live-action remakes.  Casting the perfect actors for each role is crucial...

FACEOFF: Dairy Or Dairy Free Lifestyle?

FACEOFF: Dairy Or Dairy Free Lifestyle?

Gianna Hutton and Valentina Arias March 22, 2021

Dairy-Free For Me (G.H.) From an oat milk latte to a vegan menu, today, countless food and beverage options exist for all diets — dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, lactose-free and more. As...

Create Passion, Not Mandates: The Problematic Nature of Increasing Volunteer Requirements

Gianna Hutton, Design Editor March 21, 2021

With college applications looming over juniors’ heads, students are bound to wonder if they achieved enough academically and in their extracurriculars throughout their high school career to get into...

FACEOFF: Should Teachers Call On Students Involuntarily?

FACEOFF: Should Teachers Call On Students Involuntarily?

Samantha Elkins and Priscilla Bermudez March 19, 2021

Yes (S.E.) In elementary school, whoever raises their hand the fastest to answer the teacher's question appears “cool,” with many students enjoying displaying their knowledge. As students grow older,...

High Schools Should Not Mandate Drivers Education Courses

High Schools Should Not Mandate Drivers Education Courses

Julia Strasius, News/Design Editor March 19, 2021

Teenagers getting their licenses poses a new risk on the road each year. With car accidents acting as a leading cause of death in the United States, mandating driver’s education courses has become a...

St. Patrick's Day: How Much is Luck Tied with Success?

St. Patrick’s Day: How Much is Luck Tied with Success?

Cristele Moztarzadeh, Copy Editor March 17, 2021

Luck: a desired quality. Oftentimes, people do not realize how good they have it until their fortune leaves them, while others feel unlucky no matter what they do. Why do people want luck? Do people think...

People Should Not Get The Vaccine If They Are Not In A Priority Group

Ana Martinez, Feature/Design Editor March 9, 2021

The beginning of 2021 marks a crucial moment of the pandemic as COVID-19 vaccinations begin to roll out. As a result, many individuals claim to be a part of priority groups and have selfishly jumped the...

FACEOFF: Is Astrology Real?

FACEOFF: Is Astrology Real?

Isabel Lopez and Ella Pedroso March 2, 2021

No (I.L.) One may look at their phone and search for well-known websites such as Co-star or Cafeastrology to check out their zodiac signs and horoscopes. While a funny idea and a great way to open a...

Are AP Classes Worth Taking?

Julia Strasius, News/Design Editor February 28, 2021

Advanced Placement classes offer students the ability to challenge themselves and better prepare for college-level work in high school. These classes benefit students in a multitude of ways.  #1: You...

Wearing Your Mask is Still Important

Allison Gould, Life Editor February 27, 2021

As of Feb. 24, American COVID-19 deaths have amounted to over 500,000 people. Cases are still high, with Florida averaging 5,893 cases per day this week. Despite the virus still rampantly affecting people,...

FACEOFF: Should Inmates Be Allowed to Have Their Phones in Jail?

Katriona Page and Gianna Hutton February 20, 2021

Yes (K.P.) The U.S. prison system — home to 2.3 million people as of Mar. 2020 — is notoriously unpleasant, with many prisons denying their inmates adequate living conditions and a sense of dignity....

FACEOFF: Should Fans Be Allowed At Sporting Events?

Sydney Campbell and Camilla Bondy February 15, 2021

Yes (S.C.) COVID-19 has caused unprecedented events and changes to everyday life. The pandemic has truly started “a new normal,” with live concerts and fans at sporting events acting as the most...

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