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Don’t Sit On the Sidelines, VOTE!

Don’t Sit On the Sidelines, VOTE!

Justin Fechter, Staff Writer May 28, 2024

This year's upcoming presidential election may be the most important election in American history. This may seem hyperbolic, but the literal survival of our democracy is on the line, so I do not think...

10 Things We Learned From Sophomore Year

10 Things We Learned From Sophomore Year

Edie Carneiro and Gabriella Alvarez May 25, 2024

As we jumped into sophomore year with fresh minds and high expectations, just as it did as freshmen, reality came at us with full force once again. While the level-up of being a sophomore certainly aided...

TikTok: A Form of Entertainment or a Threat to National Security?

TikTok: A Form of Entertainment or a Threat to National Security?

Sophia Snyder, Copy Editor May 22, 2024

The news about TikTok’s possible ban has rapidly made its way around the country, as many users are upset about the fact that their years’ worth of making videos might all disappear.  The possibility...

FAFSA Delays Are Affecting Students’ College Decisions Significantly

Sophia Snyder, Copy Editor April 22, 2024

Senior year: a time spent full of shared feelings among students of excitement to put on caps and gowns for graduation to go to their schools of choice. For the class of 2024, however, many spend their...

Growing Up in a Politically Divided Household

Ava Garcia, Managing Editor April 22, 2024

Christmas and Thanksgiving were the two holidays when both sides of my family came together to celebrate. With my dad’s Cuban and my mom’s Turkish side of the family, the number of relatives at family...

Violence Against Women in NYC Raises the Question: Will it Spread?

Savanna Byles, Design Editor April 21, 2024

Over the last few weeks, multiple attacks against women have been reported in New York City. A group of men have allegedly been punching women on the streets. The reason for this is unknown, but it is...

Remembering the Victims: The Collapse of Francis Scott Key Bridge Reveals a Deeper Issue for Migrant Workers

Sara Paredes, Senior Copy Editor April 17, 2024

On March 26, the fatal Francis Scott Key bridge collapse caused the death of six Latino migrant workers: Alejandro Hernandez Fuentes, Miguel Luna, Mayno Yassir Suazo Sandoval, Dorlian Castillo Cabrera,...

Social Media’s Gym And Diet Culture Promotes Disordered Eating

William Albury, Multimedia Photo Editor April 14, 2024

Social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram allow creators to dedicate their entire page to fitness, health and nutrition. These pages often set an unrealistic standard for the perfect workout routine...

High School Sport Suspensions: How Their Cost Outweigh the Few Benefits

Justin Fechter, Staff Writer March 19, 2024

The primary reaction of schools when it comes to how to discipline a student is punishment. If someone does something wrong and breaks the rules, there should be consequences. For student-athletes, the...

Agreeing to Disagree: Learning to Treat Everyone with Respect

William Albury, Multimedia Photo Editor March 19, 2024

Living in a world with a melting pot full of backgrounds, political beliefs and religions can make it tough to feel confident in your own opinions. As a 17-year-old Christian with politically independent,...

Is This About Human Life or Politics? 

Amy-Grace Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief March 16, 2024

On Feb. 20, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos are considered children and are protected under the law, and that those who destroy them can be held liable for wrongful death. This change...

Do Not Tell Me to Cover Up: The Undeniable Injustices and Disparities in American Rape Culture

Isabella Lagarto, Senior Design Editor March 15, 2024

From an early age, young girls have had a distinct belief and cautionary tale instilled in them: cover-up around older men and never walk alone, especially at night. This translates into a paralyzing fear...

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