Palmetto Student Section Culture


Ivy Lagarto

Photo credits: Matthew Lewis/ImageReflex

Emilia Haus, Multimedia Photo Editor

Panther pride is found everywhere in the community, whether it is on bumper stickers or celebratory posts from alumni. However, there is no place that holds more energy, pride and spirit than the Miami Palmetto Senior High student section on Friday nights.

Those that have attended a game in the bleachers of Tropical Park on a Friday night know the overwhelming sense of school spirit and happiness. 

Junior class president, Emma Behar, is no stranger to Friday Night Lights (FNL) and is described as one of the most spirited students in the section. She represents one of the many students who enthusiastically cheer for the Panthers.

 “Our school spirit translates to our student section and you can just hear the passion that everybody has when we are cheering for the Panthers,” Behar said.

An important part of the student section happens before the game; pre-game traditions are a way for students to get excited before entering the stadium. For Behar, this means flying the P-nation flag and hosting or attending a tailgate.

“Before the game, we love to tailgate, so we have a very big P-nation flag that we hang up on a very tall flagpole so that everyone from Palmetto can see us and join us. It is a lot of fun because I get to meet new people,” Behar said.

While every school has a student section of some sort, MPSH stands out from the others, with its pride and energy.

“It is just a great bonding experience to make sure that everyone gets close and that is really what sets it apart from other schools,” MPSH sophomore Aiden Barreras said.

In the end, MPSH’s student section remains powerful, continuing the tradition of cheering with friends, pre-game tailgates and the pure adrenaline of a competitive game. 

“I really hope that the liveliness is still there… the fire inside everyone, if we lose that, we just lose the Palmetto Spirit,” Barreras said.