Rain or Shine: Palmetto’s 2022 Spirit Week Continues

Alex James, Staff Writer


This year’s homecoming spirit week was cut short due to Hurricane Ian, canceling two days of school, but students still dressed up for the two days of school that week. Due to the circumstances, spirit week dress days were continued through the following week as well.

Spirit week started on Tuesday, when students dressed up as tacky tourists, due to a teacher planning day on Monday. Furthermore, school was also canceled on Wednesday and Thursday because of Hurricane Ian. When students returned back to campus on Friday, the spirit day was successful. Students dressed up in their class color, freshmen wore purple, sophomores wore yellow, juniors dressed in orange and seniors wore all red. Each grade competed to represent their class. In addition, during lunchtime, students who dressed up had the ability to get popcorn, cotton candy or snow cones. 

“My favorite day of spirit week was class color day because everyone was very spirited. I was representing the sophomore class, so I wore a minion onesie and a lot of yellow face paint,” Miami Palmetto Senior High School sophomore Ignacio Perales said.

That afternoon the homecoming football game took place, where MPSH won against the Coral Gables Cavaliers 45-0. Later that evening Panther Prowl occurred, where each grade competed in a dance relating to the theme, Calle Hoco. This year’s homecoming dance was widely successful, as it was the first dance back to complete normalcy since before covid. The dance was located off campus, and tickets sold out only two days after the initial release.

“This year’s homecoming game was so much fun because we won by a landslide against Coral Gables. Cheering for Palmetto was fun because both schools were on the same side [of the bleachers], which pushed us to be super spirited,” MPSH sophomore Isabella Koler said.

Usually, the dance would mark the end of homecoming week, however, this year’s festivities did not end there. Because two days were removed, students continued dressing up the following week. On Monday, students dressed up as their favorite Miami icon, with many dressing as Mr. 305, otherwise known as Pitbull.

“My favorite day of spirit week was definitely Mr./Mrs. 305. I dressed up as a Pitbull and wore a bald cap. This is my last year in high school, so I enjoyed going all out,” MPSH Senior Devica Shah said. “This year’s homecoming week was for sure the best one we have had since I have been here, because everyone really went all out since covid is no longer intruding. Homecoming was amazing, and these were the best prowl skits I have ever seen.”

The following day, students chose to dress up as a soccer mom or a BBQ dad. Some students, impersonating their best BBQ dad look, wore baggy khaki shorts and even an apron as if they were actually at the grill. Soccer moms dressed mostly in activewear. 

Since there was no school on Wednesday, due to a teacher planning day, Thursday was twice as spirited. Students wore their most vibrant Miami Vice outfits, decked out in bright blues and pinks. 

Lastly, on Friday students repped MPSH by wearing  Palmetto merch. Students wore sports clothing, Palmetto pajama pants, Palmetto shirts, sweatshirts and their class merch. 

Spirit week, the homecoming game, the homecoming dance and Panther Prowl were considered a huge success by the student-body.