Calling All Vinyl Enthusiasts: The Top Five Record Stores in Miami

Sara Paredes, Feature Editor


For any vinyl record collector or audio enthusiast, the feeling of finally hearing a favorite album on vinyl is one like no other. The search for a vinyl, whether aimlessly scanning the isles of a local record store, scrolling high and low online or coming across it unintentionally, is an extremely rewarding process that will only keep a collector wanting more. 

In recent years, vinyl culture has made a comeback among Generation Z and the Millennial generation — with a majority of young people owning turntables and other sound systems, vinyls and CDs. Despite the development of streaming services and the digital age of music, purchasing vinyls and vinyl culture has been able to maintain its timelessness and potential to remain relevant.   

Throughout Miami, vinyl enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to foster their love for the culture through establishing their record stores, keeping the vinyl culture thriving within the community. 

Sweat Records  

Located in Little Haiti behind a mural of various famous musical artists, Sweat Records provides an indie, trendy space for music lovers of all ages. The location also serves as an event space, with a stage behind the numerous rows of records ranging from the newest hit pop songs to all global sounds to soundtracks and scores. Sweat Records also keeps an inventory of used vinyl, as well as a wide variety of singles, box sets, enamel pins, cassette tapes, turntables and more. 

Established in 2005, the store has found ways to adapt to the ever-changing music industry, even persisting through the COVID-19 pandemic and remaining a local hotspot for music connoisseurs. Sweat Records now offers their full in-store inventory online, providing customers with the option to ensure the record they are looking for is in stock, or place orders online. Sweat Records frequently updates its Instagram page (@sweatrecords) and webshop with all new inventory and vinyl.

Museo Del Disco Records 

Located in West Miami with 10,000 square feet of CDs, vinyls and all things audio, local record emporium Museo Del Disco Records focuses on Latin music, but provides a balanced inventory of all genres of music for every audio enthusiast.

For founder and former owner of Museo Del Disco, Hinsul Llazo, the store was established in order to preserve a niche culture and ensure that vinyls did not lose their presence in the music industry. 

“The store has been around 21 years. It opened up basically when the industry was changing to digital. Five years prior to going digital, I decided to open up the store because I felt there was a need for a niche store. Basically, I catered to an older crowd, I didn’t carry too much modern music. Back then it was rap, and I did not carry rap before. I carried music for an older generation that was at that time around my age, which was in my 40s, because I felt that nobody catered to us,” Llazo said. “There’s over a million dollars worth of inventory. We carry a huge amount of vinyl, we carry CDs, we carry DVDs and we carry t-shirts, and the new owners are in the process of bringing in a turntable and electronics.”

Lucky Records

This small but ample boutique located in Wynwood, Miami, is an eclectic, lively spot for the everyday audiophile. Lucky Records buys and sells vinyl, providing one the ability to sell records from their personal collections, as well as an inventory of turntables and other accessories. 

Attached to 1-800-Lucky, an Asian-style food hall and market, Lucky Records is the perfect location for one to enjoy a meal and browse the bins for their favorite albums on vinyl. Being in the trendy Wynwood area, Lucky Records fits like a glove to the overall vibe of the neighborhood and provides vinyl enthusiasts with an expansive selection of new releases, long-time classics and all genres of music. 

Yesterday and Today Records

Celebrating over 40 years of business in Olympia Heights, Miami, Yesterday and Today Records carries all kinds of music, as well as 8-tracks, cassettes, open reels, laser discs, books, magazines, t-shirts, record cleaning products and more. Run by audio experts, the friendly and approachable staff at Yesterday and Today are always eager to help out any customer in their hunt for the perfect record. 

A classic record destination in Miami, grab a friend and get lost in the bins stocked full of LPs and 45s galore.

Technique Records

Located in Miami Shores, Technique Records is home to over 20,000 new and used records, cassette tapes, CDs and more. With 75% of their inventory being made up of used vinyl, Technique Records focuses on an inventory of obscure alternative music, as well as new imports and releases. 

Technique Records also carries analog and modular synthesizers from Wish You Were Gear — a local electronic music instrument shop — carrying brands such as Moog, Make Noise, Intellijel and others. Being a haven for much more than just vinyl, Technique Records keeps an inventory of collectible magazines, zines and books, as well as various music accessories, such as DJ equipment, turntables and vinyl care accessories. Featuring various events and programming, Technique Records also hosts giveaways, book and record signings and weekly artist spotlights. 

With the success of all the above-mentioned stores, the vinyl culture and business has made its mark on Miami and the community within, proving itself to withstand the test of time and the ever-changing world around it. 

“[The vinyl business] is here to stay. It’s not a fad anymore. It’s something that is going to stay forever,” Llazo said.