The Panther Knows Best: Michael’s Review of “Man on The Moon III: The Chosen”


Michael Angee, Design Editor

American rapper, Scott Mescudi, also known as Kid Cudi, released the highly anticipated final project in his album trilogy “Man on The Moon” on December 11th. So, how exactly does the finale of Kid Cudi’s story telling saga compare to the other two in the series? 

“Man on The Moon III: The Chosen” is a love letter to the evolution of Cudi’s sound and his influence on the current generation of rappers. 

The introduction track, “Beautiful Trip,” begins with a small snippet of the song “In My Dreams” from the first MOTM installment to the series. This signals to the listener that the album contains the same spacey and psychedelic feeling as its predecessors. 

The third track, “Another Day,” expresses how throughout the project, Cudi stays true to himself through the lyrics.

The tracks “She Knows This,” “Dive” and “Damaged,” all deal with Mescudi’s struggle with ignoring personal issues through parties and drugs. “She Knows This” has the highest energy for production between the three with “Dive” as a close second. 

The eighth track “Show Out” had one of the most random mashup of artists of 2020. This track features Kid Cudi, Pop Smoke and Skepta, over a drill beat. The late Pop Smoke was known for rapping over beats in the Drill style of trap which developed in Chicago in the early 2010s. “Show Out” contains a Drill beat which did not sound like it belonged on a typical Kid Cudi album. 

I personally enjoyed the second half of the project more than the first half. Tracks including “The Void” and “Lovin’ Me” (feat Phoebe Bridges),” made the album worth the listen. 

“Lovin’ Me,” my favorite track on the album, includes lyrics that  perfectly encapsulate the message throughout the MOTM series. 

This provides a great ending to the Man on The Moon series, the final track “Lord Knows” says at the very end “To Be Continued.” Kid Cudi fans can look forward to another classic album from Mescudi. 

Although the series has three grand, beautiful albums, a distinct order for my preferences of Kid Cudi’s discography is present. My personal order, from greatest to least: Man on The Moon I: End of The Day, Man on The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, and finally Man on The Moon III: The Chosen.