College Corner: Online College Tours During COVID-19


Julia Strasius, News/Design Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned regular college campus visits virtual. However, these virtual tours create an easy and accessible way to view colleges of interest. 

Some colleges have continued to welcome prospective students through virtual reality platforms and 360-degree views of the campus. These methods may help students feel immersed in the campus and truly there despite the extraneous circumstances. Colleges encourage individuals to use these tours as a helpful tool, but to look further into academic programs, admissions requirements and other factors that will shape student experiences at the school. They also advise potential students to reach out to admission officers if they have any questions about campus life. 

Although virtual visiting definitely does not provide the same experience as going in-person, Miami Palmetto Senior High has made up for it by hosting numerous informational visits via Zoom, with links located on Scoir. One can attend these sessions and ask college representatives any questions they may have about the college’s social life, academics or programs. With these few simple steps, you can register for a college visit:

  1. Login to your Scoir account
  2. Click the “Events & Deadlines” tab
  3. Look for any college of interest and select “count me in!” to register for the visit

“Scoir will take you to the site and guide you and then find ways to the admissions offices. It is amazing at shopping for colleges and good matches,” Miami Palmetto Senior High School college counselor Harry Nerenberg said.

Aside from looking at Scoir, The Princeton Review has an entire list of colleges with links to their tours organized by state. One can also look into the National Association for College Admission Counseling, where students can have a one-on-one experience with college representatives. According to the NACAC, over 8% of first-year students apply to at least three colleges. With shortlists longer than ever, students can use virtual tours to weigh their options.

“The NACAC fairs in the winter will allow you to get one-on-one with college reps,” Nerenberg said. 

Here is a list of various platforms that have interactive campus maps, videos or photos:

Not being able to view a campus in-person can be frustrating, but it is important to remember that we are all in this situation, and colleges continue to try their best to provide an experience closest to the reality of setting foot on a college campus. 

“We will shift back to a normalcy. For the seniors… you have already learned to be flexible and positive. Stay that way! It will work out,“ Nerenberg said.