Students forced into spending their day at McKinney Court


Agnes Bartha, Photo Editor

On Tuesday, May 17, thirteen classes crowded into the gymnasium. While on testing days students expect to find a seat in the auditorium, today they sweat as they spent time in the gym without air conditioning.


“We live in one of the hottest cities in the country and now we have to deal with our school not having working AC,” senior Isabel Perozo said. “This school is also in the middle of one of the richest neighborhoods in Miami so I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to afford a working AC.”


Rumors circled the school two weeks ago that no class will be in the gym or auditorium during testing. Now, however, students wonder why they are spending hours bored in the bleachers.


Students sat in the gymnasium for hours at a time because graduation rehearsal took place in the auditorium during second period Tuesday. Administration decided moving place signs of teacher’s names to and from the gym and auditorium was not worth the time or hassle for the comfort of a cool room and cushioned seats. An avidly used volleyball net was set up Tuesday in the gym for the first three periods to help students pass the time.


“It’s raining and it’s humid and 90 degrees outside and why are we stuck in the gym with no AC?” senior Niah Greenwald said on Wednesday. “I understand we don’t have enough subs but they could split up classes or something.”


Thirteen classes depended on three power blowers to replace the broken air conditioning system. Whilst one student got blown away by the machine, others sweated away. Not to fear; principal’s assistant Chris Hirth said maintenance management sent a crew to fix the air conditioning during sixth period. Students were nice and cool the last half hour of school on Tuesday, but by first period on wednesday the air conditioning system failed again. Assistant principal Dr. Bridgette Tate-Wyche declined to comment.


The final blood drive of the year was moved from the auditorium to room 907 because orchestra teacher Mr. Jorge Padron refused to move musical equipment from the stage in preparation for tonight’s show. Due to the abundance of space and extra silence, the orchestra occupied the auditorium stage during sixth period for practice on Tuesday as well.


On Wednesday, staff and administration moved the classes into the auditorium. They spent the rest of the day fully utilizing the auditorium for the now relieved students.


“Miami Dade County Public schools in general has a shortage of substitutes right now and most schools are testing so schools are in big demand of subs,” principal’s assistant Mirta Nieves said. “The need outweighs the supply.”


According to Nieves, the school needed 26 substitute teachers to cover testing Tuesday alone and only 12 could respond to duty. Eight teachers called in sick and an additional eight attended off-campus teaching workshops.