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Personal Essay: How COVID-19 Has Affected Me

Kate Stuzin, Copy Editor

March 31, 2020

Amidst packing bags, getting a cat sitter and renewing our passports, my family and I turned on the news  to learn that President Trump had enacted a new travel ban on people coming into the U.S. from European countries. Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, we could no longer travel to Israe...

What Does It Mean To Be Lucky?

What Does It Mean To Be Lucky?

Camilla Bondy

March 17, 2020

Being lucky means getting the last spot left in the lot. It means getting a perfect score on a test that one did not study for. Mar. 17, also known as St. Patrick’s Day, the U.S. becomes an “emerald country” for the day. On St. Patrick's Day, Irish tradition says that being lucky, or having luc...

Senior Skip Day: Irresponsible or Tradition? (FACEOFF)

Kun Liu and Isabel Wilder

March 16, 2020

Irresponsible: (K.L.) There is an intense debate over whether senior skip day should be recognized by the school as a tradition, or whether it is just a breach of irresponsibility. The general assumption is that senior skip day rewards seniors with a valid “excuse” to miss a day of stress and sch...

BREAKING NEWS: The Panther Reveals Student Council Election Results

BREAKING NEWS: The Panther Reveals Student Council Election Results

Nicole Markus and Joanna Salvat

March 13, 2020

Student Council Board: President: David Spiegelman (11) Vice President: Sam ZZZ Zelaya (11) Secretary: Samantha Berlan (11) Treasurers: Nicole Markus (11), Daniel Solomon (10) Underclass Treasurer: Cooper Menachem (9) Chief-of-Staff: Jade Pita (11), Catherine Bales (10) Chief-of-Sen...

LATEST NEWS: NBA Suspended Due to Coronavirus

Jack Meyer and Valentina Caceres

March 12, 2020

On Mar. 11, the NBA announced the suspension of the season until further notice. The news came after the abrupt cancellation of Wednesday’s game between the Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder right before tipoff, due to the revelation that Utah player Ruby Gobert tested positive for COVID-19. ...

Class of 2020 Senior Pep Rally

Class of 2020 Senior Pep Rally

Nicole Markus and Joanna Salvat

March 9, 2020

Enjoy some pictures from the Class of 2020's Senior Pep Rally!

Was America Ready for Pete Buttigieg?

Was America Ready for Pete Buttigieg?

Olivia Solomon, Advertising Chair

March 9, 2020

In April of 2019, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana — Pete Buttigieg — joined the race to become the Democratic nominee for president. This made him the first openly gay candidate to run for the presidency. However, he did not allow his homosexuality define him. A Harvard graduate, National Merit S...

LATEST NEWS: Palmetto Bay Declares a Climate Emergency

Gianna Hutton, Design Editor

March 3, 2020

On Mar. 2 at a village council meeting, Palmetto Bay council members unanimously voted to declare a climate emergency. The legislation, introduced by the Youth Community Involvement Board, namely senior Nicole Gazo, serves as the first step in a mobilization solution to the climate crisis.  What is a...

What a Dress Code Really Means

Allison Gould, Opinion Editor

March 2, 2020

Traditionally, a sports team at Miami Palmetto Senior High begins a game day by putting their jerseys on. This allows  the players to get thrilled for the event later in the day and creates a sense of unity and pride for their team. Each sports  team has permission to sport their jersey, yet now, th...

The Stigma Behind Gossip

Sofia Vinueza, Multimedia Editor

March 1, 2020

When one hears the word gossip, oftentimes they think of people talking badly about a person behind their back with cruel intentions. While this is not all wrong, it is not completely correct, either. The word gossip has developed a strong negative connotation, when in some situations, gossip can be positiv...

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