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Buffalo Mass Shooting Livestreamed on Twitch

Jasmine Judge, Design Editor May 17, 2022

On May 14, 10 civilians were killed and three were left injured in a mass shooting at the Tops Supermarket in Buffalo, New York. Authorities stated that the shooter — 18-year-old Payton Gendron — was...

Reciprocating the Love: Palmetto’s 2022 Teacher Appreciation Week

Paul Yan, Design Editor May 15, 2022

From May 2 to May 6, Miami Palmetto Senior High, along with other schools in the district, celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week. MPSH’s Student Council and the PTSA spent time making each teacher feel...

Senate Blocks Roe v. Wade Abortion Protection Bill

Ava Garcia, Staff Writer May 12, 2022

On Wednesday, the United States Senate voted against the Democratic-led bill focusing on protecting access to abortions nationwide. The Women’s Health Protection act passed the house but fell short with...

Dear Independent Moms: I See, Respect and Admire You

Dear Independent Moms: I See, Respect and Admire You

Sara Paredes, Copy Editor May 8, 2022

6:15 a.m. every day, five days a week; packing lunches, preparing breakfast, exercising, walking the dogs, getting ready to go to her office. My mom, my biggest hero, confidant and the woman who is raising...

Politico Report Reveals Possible Overturn of Roe v. Wade

Kate Markus, Life Editor May 4, 2022

On May 2, Politico reported that the U.S.Supreme Court had secretly voted to repeal the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, removing the constitutionally-protected right to abortion and allowing states to set their...

A Love Letter to My Fleeting Days of High School

A Love Letter to My Fleeting Days of High School

Angelina Astic, Contents/Copy Editor May 1, 2022

As I experience my final days of high school, I am struck by the countless ways in which Miami Palmetto Senior High — my teachers, faculty, administration and peers — have helped shape and change my...

Texas High School Policy Bans Braided Hair Preventing Student from Attending

Isabella Hewitt, Multimedia Photo Editor May 1, 2022

When Cincinnati student Dyree Williams moved to East Benard, Texas, he faced a troubling policy in his new school. The policy banned braided hair or cornrows, troubling Williams.  Williams's hair is...

Leaving My Hispanic Family for College is the Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done

Leaving My Hispanic Family for College is the Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done

Denise Vaque, Design Editor May 1, 2022

Going off to college is a traditional right of passage for many American teenagers. Whether they are going to the university down the block or one across the country, gaining independence is a freedom-granting...

Mrs. Valero’s student aids help her with final prom touches.

Countdown to Prom: Preparing For Palmetto’s First Prom in Two Years

Ana Martinez, Online Editor-in-Chief April 29, 2022

For the first time in two years, Miami Palmetto Senior High brought back prom for the Class of 2022. With all of the excitement surrounding the dance, Palmetto administration and students have had to prepare...

Varsity Badminton Coach Dave Zarco gives advice to player Michael Margado (11) in between games at the Youth Fair Tournament.

Behind the Unsung Sports: The Coaches of Palmetto

Sara Paredes, Copy Editor April 28, 2022

From the football field to the McKinney gymnasium to Coral Reef Park, Miami Palmetto Senior High is renowned for its noteworthy athletic teams and coaches, in particular the varsity football, soccer...

Governor Ron DeSantis Instates Election Police Force

Ryan McKean, Multimedia Photo Editor April 28, 2022

On Monday, Apr. 25, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill creating an election police force. The purpose of this police force is to limit voter fraud and other election-related criminal offenses.  The...

A Deal Two Weeks in The Making: Elon Musk Rules Twitter

Tomas Curcio, Staff Writer April 27, 2022

On Apr. 25, Twitter accepted Elon Musk’s $44 billion bid for the social media giant. The sum makes up 16% of his net worth and seven times the bluebird company’s co-founder, Jack Dorsey’s, own net...

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