Second annual bike day promotes community and exercise

Chris Burg, Design Editor

For the second year in a row, School Board member Dr. Larry Feldman and Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner set aside a Saturday morning to stress the importance of bicycle safety in the community. Held at Pinecrest Gardens on February 5, the second annual “Bike Day” sent a pro-fitness message to the families in attendance.

The theme of the event?

“Strong minds, strong bodies,” Feldman said. “If you can handle these two things, that’s what gets you through life.”

The first half of the event—a safety fair—kicked off at 8:45 a.m. with an array of informational booths and music. Local companies, like Sports Authority, handed out water bottles and coupons for athletic gear; the first 100 participants to arrive received bicycle helmets. By providing free equipment, the Village of Pinecrest hopes to get kids excited about keeping in shape.

“Now that we can live up to 90 years old, it’s important to stay fit. You don’t want to just end up sitting in a chair all day when you’re older,” Feldman said.

At 10:00 a.m., participants embarked on a 4-mile bike ride. Community members of all ages showed up on bikes, tricycles, or even with strollers. Members of the student council, like student council President Brittany Batten, came out to help the event run smoothly.

“Dr. Feldman e-mailed Palmetto asking if we’d like to volunteer, and I too that offer. I got other student council members like [sophomore President] Chris Fisk to come as well,” Batten said.

From Pinecrest’s toddlers to volunteers from Palmetto, the public gathered together to foster an inclusive and athletic environment and to enhance community interaction.

“I think it’s a good initiative because there are special needs children here, and [Bike Day] is accepting of everyone,” Batten said. “I’m all for exercise and getting outside; it’s also a great way for students to meet their school board.”

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