Prom 2017: Preparation and Reflection

As the countdown to schools’ end takes flight, seniors take their last major event to great measures. In preparing for prom, the dress comes first. While dress prices normally range in the triple digits, senior Samantha Fitzgerald conveniently finds an overwhelmingly low price on top of limited time frame.

“It was only 60 dollars, or maybe 80,  I got it in California at this random store,”  Fitzgerald said. “Honestly I just needed a dress, I wish I got a dress that was more me, but that was my last option because I only had a few days.”

Fitzgerald was able to find a dress at a much lower rate than many other girls attending prom, however, senior Alieandrah Bernal was able to find a dress at an even lower rate: for free.

“Im borrowing it from somebody,” Bernal said, “It’s not too flashy, it’s simple but it is still super super cute.”

When it comes to the occasion, one can never be too old to splurge on some sweet treats.

“I found out there’s an ice cream bar at prom. I’m very excited for that because I love ice cream,” senior Trina Nguyen said.

Prom formulates long-lasting memories for seniors on their way out into the world of adultery. While Nguyen eagerly awaits the ball to fill her cheeks with ice cream, she also looks forward to the overall experience, an experience she has awaited since a young age.

Experiences like prom, with long time friendships and relationships, signifies the last time for seniors to feel free and reflect on the wild ride of high school.    

“It’s our last time being all together as seniors, I think it be good to have our last Hoorah,” senior Samantha Fitzgerald.

Stated beautifully in the words of Fitzgerald, these close encounters bring joy into the hearts of departing seniors. During this endeavour they receive the opportunity to be escorted to the ball in bedazzled gowns like a celebrity stepping out of the limo and into the bright lights. Nguyen draws inspiration from a populous city of America developing an overall theme for her look.

“I’m doing black and gold, I’m doing gold jewelry accents, gold nails and a gold eyelook. When I think of the New York Skyline, it’s nice, very clean, sleek. I have a deep slit down the front of my dress and I have slits on the side, it’s tight on the top and then it flows,” Nguyen said.

With eye catching looks that captivate the night and a close group of friends, the excitement of the night will be one to remember.