Join The Panther 2020-2021

Nicole Markus and Jacob Grindstaff


Jane Heise

Join the Panther 2020-2021!


Please email your completed applications to [email protected].

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Here is the new-staffer application for The Panther 2020-2021:

Joining staff will require dedication and commitment.  Please apply both of these qualities to the assignment for your application. Attach the most current report card to your application upon submission. Feel free to include any extra information that you think could benefit you in your application. Complete all three portions of the application.  


Personal Information

  1. Name ___________________________________
  2. 6th Period: __________________________
  3. Grade: ______
  4. I.D. Number ________________________
  5. Cell phone number:  _________________________
  6. E-mail ____________________________________
  7. English Teacher _____________________________


According to your strengths you may choose one or more of the following assignments. Your selection will not necessarily assure that you will be working on a specific area so we suggest you attempt all three.


Create a portfolio of 10-20 photographs illustrating your strengths.  Provide a variety of samples so we can judge your abilities fully. All photographs must contain people. Write captions for your three favorite photos. From your portfolio pick your best picture and be prepared to explain the photograph and its significance during an interview.


Develop a writing topic that will feature one aspect of the school.  Include interviews covering a range of people, not just your friends. Be prepared to explain your story’s significance and how you plan to elevate your own writing level as a staff member. What do you think your strengths or weaknesses are?


Develop a design for a one-spread layout that includes a headline and photo boxes or other design elements like graphics and illustrations. The design must include a well-thought out color scheme and font. In addition, bring in samples from various publications such as magazines or websites that inspired you to create this design. The journalism program uses the Adobe Creative Suite, which is not mandatory for this portion of the application but suggested.


Questionnaire. Please type your responses and attach them to your application.

    1. Explain your motivation for applying to newspaper.
    2. Please list your previous experiences that have built your knowledge base in any of the areas covered above.
    3. Explain any technological experience with any of the Adobe Creative Suite programs: InDesign, Photoshop, Bridge or Illustrator; other design software or advanced camera equipment.
    4. Please list all of the activities you plan to be a part of in the following school year and include positions you will or plan to hold.

      Jane Heise
      Join the Panther 2020-2021!