Pawsitive Panthers: Logan Gardipee

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Pawsitive Panthers: Logan Gardipee

Taiwo Alonge, Staff Writer

Helping out the school and community

“It’s all about the music” – a common phrase used by senior Logan Gardipee.

Music has been Logan’s love since his childhood. Logan has been playing the piano for as long as he can remember and has been singing his entire life. Logan and a group of other artists go around the city and perform music. Logan is also a member of the school’s Jazz Band. He is a huge fan of John Legend, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and Stevie Wonder.

“My goals have always been to continue my music, get better, keep loving it and hopefully find success in the mix,” Logan said.

In his bedroom, Logan has the utensils needed to work on his music on a regular basis.

“I have everything in my room,” Logan said. “In one corner I have my microphone and in the other I have my keyboard.”

Over the summer, Logan participated in an event with a group called the Fifth World Youth Congress. The group went to Turkey to perform and help kids learn music. In addition to that Logan and the group helped distribute goods and supplies to the poor and hungry.

“People from all across the world came to solve problems and add a positive perspective to the world for these children,” Logan said.

Recently, Logan participated in Palmetto’s “Panthers got Talent” show and placed second with his piano and singing performance featuring fellow senior musician Silas Saunders.

“I like going to special events or performing with guys like Silas,” Logan said. “I’m always looking for a chance to get my music out there.”

As for future goals, Logan hopes to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston.

“I’m interested in a bunch of music programs,” Logan said, “but going to Berklee has always been my dream.”

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