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Panthers argue when Rebecca Black is involved

Asmae Fahmy, Staff Writer

May 12, 2011

What started out as a thirteen-year-old girl trying to put her name out there, turned into a viral sensation that brings with it the world of cyber bullying, name calling, and now, according to ABC news, death threats. Rebecca Black released her debut song “Friday” in March, and within a week,...

Royal wedding makes its way to Palmetto

Britta Hallebo, Staff Writer

May 11, 2011

It was the moment that everyone had been waiting for since last November. Rivaling Princess Diana’s wedding 30 years ago, the recent marriage between Catherine “Kate” Middleton and Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, brought about a lot of excitement and press around the world. Although...

Marvel comics coming to a theater near you

Jonathan Perez, Staff Writer

May 5, 2011

Supernatural powers and evil villains fill the screen. The wait is nearly over: Marvel is doing it again. Starting this summer, Marvel will launch the movies X- Men: First Class, Thor, The Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman and Captain America: First Avenger adopted from their classic comic books. “I’ve...

Nickelodeon reruns old favorites

Erin Maroon, Staff Writer

May 5, 2011

Students wanting to bring out their inner children can finally let them loose. The children’s cable network Nickelodeon will start replaying its old shows from the 1990s. In 1985, Nickelodeon began airing Nick at Nite, a nighttime programming block that broadcasted classic sitcoms such as “Dennis...

Spring Entertainment

Valerie Cuadra, Life Editor

May 5, 2011

"The Double Hour" Guido, (Filippo Timi) a former cop and Sonia (Ksenia Rappoport), a Slovenian immigrant, begin to develop a passionate relationship. They both decide to go on a romantic getaway in the country when things begin to take a toll for the worse. Sonia’s horrifying past resurfaces and e...

“Peter Pan” is an “awfully big adventure” for the whole family

Shannon Bush, Co-Editor in Chief

April 7, 2011

(This is a review of the performing arts department's presentation of the musical, "Peter Pan") With all the youthful energy of J.M. Barrie’s original novel and the skill and flair Thespian Troupe 1298 is known for, this year’s spring musical, Piers Chater Robinson’s “Peter Pan,” is truly...

Heritage show celebrates African American culture

Heritage show celebrates African American culture

Kristen Coke, Features Editor

March 25, 2011

“It is better to have an education and not need it, then need it and not have it.” These words, recited from a Tyler Perry piece performed by  reading teacher Lydia Buckmire, carried out the message of the African Heritage Show on February 24 whose theme this year was “The Future is Ours.” ...

Second star to the right and straight on till morning

Second star to the right and straight on till morning

Jonathan Perez, Staff Writer

March 7, 2011

The boy who lost his shadow. The boy who never grows old. A boy better known as Peter Pan. On April 6 through April 8, students will be able to re-live their childhood experiences like never before. Palmetto’s own rendition of “Peter Pan” will begin promptly at 7 p.m. in the school auditorium. ...

“Dinner Party”

Daniel Schleien, Staff Writer

March 7, 2011

For a drama student, directing a play makes hours upon hours of hard work worthwhile.  Senior Alicia Cruz’s dream came true when she directed the play “Dinner Party,” a one-act romantic comedy originally created by American playwright Neil Simon in 2000. “There’s a period in drama between...

Spring Break in Miami

Valerie Cuadra, Life Editor

March 7, 2011

With only one week for spring break, sometimes students cannot get away. However, once students get out of school on March 11, they are surrounded with plenty of events to keep any Miamian entertained. Along with the sunny weather and clear beaches, Miami has several music festivals. The 18th annual...

Impawvisation’s Valentines Day show spreads the love

Max Clark, SciTech Editor

February 18, 2011

With quick thinking and sudden outbursts of humor, Palmetto’s Impawvisation Club held a Valentines Day Impawv show that rattled the roof of the auditorium with laughter. The show took place on February 14 and the audience took part in several games. Of the games that Impawvisation played, the fans'...

Talented Panthers take to the stage

Alyssa Rosenfeld, News Editor

February 16, 2011

Palmetto’s stage came to life Thursday, February 11, when 63 students took the chance to shine and let the school see their talents. The two-and-a-half hour production- the second annual Panthers Got Talent- featured singers, dancers, and a wide variety of other performers. Senior Dyalmis Izquierdo...

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