Rock Legend Eddie Van Halen Passes Away

Isabel Lopez, Multimedia Photo Editor

Eddie Van Halen, the legendary icon of  American rock band Van Halen, passed away on Oct. 6 2020 after a long fight with cancer. He died at age 65 at Santa Monica Hospital in California. Known for his talent among the rock and roll generation, Halen assembled the band which became one of the most popularized and iconic attributions in rock history.

The band Van Halen, established in 1972, released huge hits during their time as a band together. One of their biggest achievements was their hit lead single “Jump,” which reached number one on the US Billboard top 100 in 1984, according to Billboard. Alongside this accomplishment, other mass hits which propelled the band to success were “Panama” and “Hot New Teacher,” released in 1984 with music videos produced by MTV.

Van Halen is recognized mostly for his signature guitar style. The two-handed tapping technique he mastered is what made him unique to others and known in the late 70’s and 80’s. Fans  acknowledged him as one who does not know how to read music, yet still creates it by listening or watching. Van Halen applies these skills into his rock and roll guitar improvisation, according to Rolling Stones. 

The day of his passing, Van Halen’s fans, wife Janie Liszewski, son Wolfgang Van Halen and others mourned the tragedy of his death. Tributes poured in from numerous people, sending  thoughts and prayers for the Van Halen family.