Ways To Hang Out With Friends While Social Distancing


Amy-Grace Shapiro

There are still many ways to hang out with friends in a safe and fun environment.

Julia Strasius, News/Design Editor

During the stress of COVID-19, it remains important to maintain friendships and stay in contact with people. At the same time, we have to follow safety guidelines with the pandemic. With that in mind, we may ask ourselves: how can we hang out with people without physically being together? 

Netflix Party

Lately, Netflix Party has become a popular trend, and an entertaining way to spend time with others from a distance. If you do not know what that is, where have you been? Netflix Party is a Chrome extension which allows several people to watch any show or movie on Netflix together simultaneously, in their own homes. Netflix Party also has a chat feature, where people can comment and chat in real time. One must have a Netflix account to have the extension.

Zoom or FaceTime

One can easily connect with friends through Zoom or FaceTime. These platforms enable people to easily organize virtual parties and other events, where you can see people’s faces and reactions! You can even play games together on Zoom, like Among Us, or screen share to watch a movie. 

Community Activities

Join community activities! There are many options and organizations where you can attend informational Zoom calls or webinars and learn new skills. For example, you can join a TikTok live or learn a new trendy dance, bake, take a walk or even attend an exercise class via Zoom! There are a lot of ways to spend time with people you may not know, but could potentially become great friends with.

Group Chats

Even just keeping up with group chats and social media to talk to friends works as a great means of maintaining relationships. Try direct messaging friends TikToks or memes through Instagram, or even playing Game Pigeon games with each other on iMessage.

Online Games

Playing online games with friends like Pictionary or Among Us, coupled with other internet games like Skribbl.io and multiplayer video games, leave little room for disappointment. These activities are not only entertaining, but also a great way to stay engaged with friends or family.


Drive (or get driven) to a pre-decided spot, like the park or a parking lot, and chat with one another from the safety of your own cars! This way, you can see your friends while maintaining social distancing. One could also go to a drive-in movie and socially distance with friends while enjoying snacks and the movie.

Keep these ideas in mind when hanging out with friends and also being safe!