Fun Costume Ideas for Halloween 2020


Isabella Hewitt

Halloween may look a little different in 2020, but there are still plenty of options for costumes this year.

Sofia Vinueza, Business Manager

Due to current circumstances with COVID-19, it may become difficult for people to order halloween costumes or put in as much time creating their costumes as they usually would. Below are some ideas helpful to those who want to get into the Halloween spirit, but do not know where to shop or how to start when it comes to making their costumes. 

Group costume: Mamma Mia! (Three)

Many people have watched the movie Mamma Mia and noticed the extravagant outfits the characters wear throughout the movie. To recreate the girls’ outfits, one simply needs a pair of flair jeans, any shirt that stands out, a cute pair of boots and scarfs. For guys, a pair of nice khakis or denim pants (rolled up at the bottom of each leg), a button-up wrinkled or striped t-shirt and a pair or Sperrys. 

Partner costume: Outer Banks (Two or more)

Over quarantine, a new show called Outer Banks grew in popularity. Many have tried to copy the characters’ style, and this Halloween, anyone can really bring these characters to life. All one needs to imitate the girls’ style: a pair of denim shorts and a smaller tank top/t-shirt. To look more like one of the main characters, Kiara, her signature headband can be purchased from Amazon. Videos have been posted on how to copy her hairstyle. Boys need to wear a pair of shorts and a button-up shirt, leaving some buttons unbuttoned. To produce a similar effect as the main character John B, one may complement their costume with a cool bandana which may be worn around the neck, found on Amazon. 

Single costume: Princess/Prince (One or two)

For this costume, pick a princess or create your own. Then, buy items that focus on the color of that princess. For example, for Beauty and the Beast’s Belle, who mainly wears the color yellow, any of the following can be bought depending on the desired style: a yellow dress, a yellow shirt along with a tutu and yellow tights, or a pair of yellow shorts with a yellow shirt. For a prince, one would dress nice in a suit, in order to achieve a presentable style for their princesses. 

Enjoy this guide on how to get into the Halloween spirit with DIY costume ideas. Happy Halloween!