Battery controversy fueled by quick drains

Sungho Son, Art Director

How often can one honestly say their iPhone reached up to 250 hours of standby time? Apple put emphases on these numbers to hide their facts. The iPhone 5s consists of 5.92 watt-hours battery which equate to around 1560mAh. This number disappoints consumers as Samsung Galaxy s4 pack in a 2600mAh battery.

“It’s very frustrating to see my battery drain during school and be left with only ten percent battery left,” senior Valeria Vergara said. “I had to disable notifications and other settings to extend the battery life a bit.”

Battery life of cellphones have become a major concern to all individuals including businessmen, teens and everyday pedestrians. The limited usage disables people from using their phones for work, social networking and entertainment. As businessmen, a long battery life allows them the usage through a long day of flight, meetings and travels. Teenagers wish to continue their day after school playing some Candy Crush or socialize on Twitter and Facebook, without letting a shortage of battery get in their way. The limitations force people to take steps in order to fix these problems by limiting the phone’s features.

“I advise you to turn off unnecessary location services on applications by going into Setting – Privacy – Location,” an Apple Specialist said. “Also check out the feature called Background App Refresh in Settings – General as it reduces the battery drainage significantly.”

Numerous tips allow users to expand their usage on their iPhones through simple modifications:

• Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use

• Turn off Location services for apps where it isn’t essential

• Disable 3G and possible mobile data when not in use or connected to Wi-Fi

• Set a short auto-lock time to secure no battery drains from the screen

• Turn off all applications that are running in background if they are not in use

“I saw a dramatic reduction of battery usage when I clear all background applications that are not in use,” sophomore Sebastian Sagarra said. “After six hours since last charge, I’m left with 87% battery.”