Bowl bound

Ryan Trout, Online Sport Editor

History Bowl tests both the knowledge and speed of students. With up to four students participating in each team, the battle of brains can best be described as a studious shootout. Each student has a buzzer with which they buzz in first to take a shot at the correct answer. The team with the most correct answers walks away with the victory.

“It is an extremely fun and competitive experience ,” sophomore Ben Tordi said. “It feels great whenever you get a question for your team and it is overall just amazing.”

Palmetto competes with the best teams in the region. Even though private schools usually rank at the top in terms of History Bowl and History Bee competition, Palmetto has proven itself time and time again.

“We have tried to prove that public schools are contenders and that they can compete with the best private schools.” Advanced Placement World History teacher Julianne Farkas said.

The team prepares for History Bowl by meeting for around two hours every Thursday and Friday after school. They split into two teams and answer packets from previous History Bowl tournaments. The team also attempts to fully recreate the setup of the real History Bowl competition so that they are comfortable and confident in the match.

The team is headed to Washington D.C. in April for a national competition. The History Bowl team hope to place first in the competition, creating a history of their own.