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January 15, 2016

Held in January each year at the Las Vegas Convention center, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) gathers attention from technology enthusiasts that want to experience products before they release. The CES show’s reputation as the world’s largest electronic and technology event has attracted major companies such as BMW, Samsung and Keurig, all of which shared their innovations last week, with game-changing designs and features.


Samsung made the fridge from Total Recall a reality with their new Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. With its gigantic tablet-sized screen, it can substitute as a calendar, music player, TV and a shopping list. 



With Samsung Modular Display, Call of Duty players can finally play in split screen and siblings will not have to fight anymore to watch their favorite shows simultaneously.


BMW made their i8 Spyder even more polished with the touch-free display, which allows the driver to control the radio, set a destination or call someone with just a wave.


PC gamers no longer have to sacrifice performance for portability with Razer Blade Stealth. It functions as a regular ultrabook but when the external graphics card is plugged in, players may enjoy the high resolutions without losing out on frame rate.


If you are unsure of what to buy as a gift for a friend or family that enjoys home-design, Panasonic’s transparent TV may be the way to go. 


Ever wanted to feel The Force? Make your dreams come true with Sphero’s Force Band.


When there’s too much traffic, just hop on EHang 184 drone and ride wherever you want to go. The auto-pilot feature makes it easier to go places without having to worry about learning how to maneuver it or getting a pilot license.


Keurig took a step further in beverage-making, with their KOLD Drinkmaker. It can make sodas, flavored waters, iced tea and even cocktails.


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