Welcome To The Fourth Wall

Olympia Rodriguez, print editor-in-chief

I vividly remember my first time stepping onto a film set: a makeshift school hallway, with lockers and doors leading exactly nowhere, and 3 all encompassing walls, containing an entire universe within its parameters. Seeing before me what I had previously only seen through a technicolor silkscreen remains one of the most formative experiences of my life. From that moment on I knew such a space was where I would thrive – immortalizing a blend of visceral storytelling through audio and visual elements.

From Dazed and Confused to Her and American Horror Story to Bob’s Burgers, my taste in the visual arts ranges across a diverse spectrum. I believe that the best works in film will always be those that don’t age as you and your environment do. Though this love for the ageless draws me to classics from the 90s – how could anyone forget The Craft? – I have come across several hidden gems, mostly treasures in television, that lead me to argue that the 2010s live as the greatest time for film and tv.

In this blog I will discuss many of my favorite works, while also reviewing and recommending new movies or shows that I come across on this journey. My fascination with the industry remains something I’ll never fully grasp, but rather blindly embrace. This will essentially become the word-vomit of my thoughts on film and it’s production. This blog dedicates its platform to covering all aspects of cinematographic media. I’ll examine certain concepts, people in film and the general building blocks that make up this industry. The Fourth Wall is just that: an extensive look into what we see on both the big and small screens.

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