Wearing Your Mask is Still Important

Allison Gould, Life Editor

As of Feb. 24, American COVID-19 deaths have amounted to over 500,000 people. Cases are still high, with Florida averaging 5,893 cases per day this week. Despite the virus still rampantly affecting people, not only in our country, but worldwide, society seems to have moved on, acting as if people have not lost loved ones from it.

The CDC has consistently recommended wearing masks in settings with other people, but by now it appears that the nation disregards their words and leaves their masks behind. This should not turn into the new norm.

On the streets of Miami, from the beach to Pinecrest, people walk around without any facial coverings, increasing the risk of either spreading or catching COVID-19. These people ignore the fact that by simply shielding one’s mouth and nose fully, they not only protect themselves, but those around them.

Without hesitation or remorse, large groups of people continue getting together for gatherings or events, evading even the thought of a mask. A majority of the time, these events transform into COVID-19 superspreaders. While these individuals spend their time surrounded by a large number of people in an unsafe manner, other people have not left their homes since quarantine first began on Mar. 13, 2020. 

It is completely selfish to live life as though there is not an incredibly contagious virus putting people in hospitals, leaving people with permanent symptoms and even causing fatalities. 

In order to live life to the fullest while still ensuring the safety of the community, it is imperative to wear face masks. These simple pieces of protective material contain the virus to the person that already has it, acting as a precaution when interacting with others. By consistently wearing a mask and limiting large gatherings, the risk that COVID-19 presents decreases and a greater number of people can feel safe.Despite the vaccine distribution eventually providing antibodies to the entire country, that does not mean we should stop wearing our masks. The vaccine does not automatically mean guaranteed immunity, especially when the virus mutates and new strains quickly emerge.  Although there is a light at the end of the tunnel, everyone should still take the necessary precautions, such as wearing masks, to get past this pandemic quickly and effectively.