Tornadoes Kill at Least 10 Across the Midwest and South

Amy-Grace Shapiro, Online-Co-Editor-in-Chief

From the night of March 31 to the morning of April 1, storms and tornadoes ripped their way through the South and Midwest, killing at least 10 people, injuring dozens, trapping countless and damaging critical infrastructure.

In at least seven states, over 50 preliminary tornado reports were recorded, with Arkansas taking a hit resulting in three deaths in the city of Wynne and another in North Little Rock. Indiana recorded two deaths after a storm on Friday night that damaged homes and a fire department.  

In Pulaski County Indiana, the storm in the Little Rock area sent at least 50 people to nearby hospitals. Five others were hospitalized in Covington Tennessee. Arkansas officials call the impact “devastating” and in an official statement said, “Literally, in a matter of minutes, it went through the entire western portion of the city of Little Rock … It just came out of nowhere.”

At least 2,100 residents in the tornado’s pathway were affected and neighborhoods and commercial businesses were flattened. More than 30,000 people remain without power. 

Preliminary information shows at least 22 tornado reports in Illinois, eight in Iowa, four in Tennessee, five in Wisconsin and a couple in Mississippi.