Standardized Testing Tips (Without a Tutor)

Sofia Vinueza, Multimedia Editor

In high school, specifically junior and senior year, students must start studying for and taking big college-readiness tests like the SAT and ACT. The SAT and ACT are entrance exams used by most colleges to help with admission decisions. Students can prepare for these tests in many different ways, such as an in-person tutor. However, real-life tutors can be pricey or incompatible with busy schedules. Recently, online tutoring programs have stepped in to fill these gaps, and programs such as Khan Academy, Prep Expert and Revolution Prep have seen a surge in popularity.These programs have the same effect as an SAT or ACT tutor and are often more convenient than a physical tutor. According to Khan Academy studying for the SAT for 20 hours on Khan Academy associated with 115-point average score increase.

“If I had to choose, I would probably choose online practicing through Khan Academy because it is free and I work on my own time when I can,” senior at Miami Palmetto Senior High School Zoe Nye said. “I liked Khan Academy because it was customized to my scores and my learning.” 

One feature specific to Khan Academy includes the ability to set up weekly schedules with practice problems based off an individual’s prior test scores, including the PSAT and SAT. With Khan Academy, it not only focuses on customized problems, but one can also work on general problems. 

“With the online program Prep Expert, I have definitely learned tricks and new ways to solve and read problems that I didn’t know before and it helped me manage my time wisely on the actual test date,” junior Sydney Rouviere said. 

Not only do these programs provide practice problems and tips, they also offer practice tests that should consistently be taken before the actual test in order to feel comfortable and familiar with the format and timing. 

In addition, these programs can be logged onto in your own time and when it’s convenient for you. Students do not need to worry about transportation or how to get somewhere in time.

“It’s easy to schedule and takes less time to prepare for the session with things such as transportation,” Junior at Gulliver Preparatory school, Lilly Enekes said.