Standardized Testing Response to COVID-19

Allison Gould, Opinion Editor

With COVID-19 spreading rapidly and disrupting lives throughout the entire world, the realm of education has made alterations in attempt to achieve learning standards while at home. While Miami-Dade County schools will look to resume in May, some schools in states such as Virginia, will continue with online learning until summer break. This change has called for the attention of the College Board to make adjustments to the schooling system internationally.

In regards to the SAT, the makeup exams for Mar. 14, are now on Mar. 28, and the May 2 exams were cancelled. As of now, the June 6 SAT Subject tests will occur on schedule. The ACT test has made similar decisions towards testing as the SAT test has. The Apr. 4 test date in America will now take place on Jun. 13. Although students may currently feel discouraged, this provides time for independent studying and preparation for exams to come.

The College Board has also made alterations with Advanced Placement classes and the exams due to some schools not returning until next school year. As of now, students have the option to take a 45-minute all Free Response Question exam online at home. The specific question types will come out on Apr. 3 in order for students to accurately prepare. The College Board also decided to exclude units in all courses that were missed due to online school, providing a sense of relief to many students. An abundance of resources have been posted and are accessible to all on the College Board website, which will overall help students for their classes.

Granting that COVID-19 has taken a large toll very quickly on all lives, the College Board and educators are taking steps in order to help students globally. 

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