Should You Travel To See Your Family This Holiday?

Samantha Elkins, Multimedia Video Editor

After a tiresome first half of the school year, many students look forward to winter break, a time to relax and enjoy the holidays before returning to the stressful school environment. Due to a stressful year because of a pandemic, a two-week break sounds like just the thing everyone could use to bring in the new year with a positive mindset. 

This year has kept us far from our normal routines, and sadly, our breaks must remain that way, too. Although breaks usually entail going on trips to see family and friends, spending time at home this year works as the safest option. The coronavirus has affected the world for months now, and as many people agree, 2020 ranks as one of the worst years in a long time. Many things went wrong this year, viruses aside, and people want the new year to act as a sort of reset for the world.

The only way we can achieve this possibility is for us to work towards slowing the spread of the virus, whether we do it through social distancing or with a vaccine. Right now, the easiest way to slow the spread remains social distancing and wearing your mask.

Traveling puts oneself and others at risk of contracting the virus, which could result in 2021 starting with a high amount of cases. We must try to avoid this if we want to return to normalcy. 

Going to see family may have dangerous consequences as well, especially if they are high risk and need to take extra precautions against the virus. 

Traveling through an airport means walking through enclosed terminals and security lines for possibly hours at a time with people from all over the world, increasing one’s chances of getting the virus. 

When traveling on an airplane, the six foot rule is impossible to implement, also increasing your chance of exposure to the virus.

The best way to enjoy this break is to stay with family and friends in your neighborhood. To bring in the New Year safely, we should all try and limit our travels over winter break.