Should Seniors Have Prom, Gradbash and Graduation?

Camilla Bondy and Valentina Arias

Yes (C.B.)

Senior year: a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone looks forward to at the beginning of their high school career and throughout life. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on the school year events that everyone dreams of. Despite that, I still believe seniors should have activities such as prom, Gradbash and graduation. 

Exiting the “old” world and beginning a new chapter, seniors should have the chance to celebrate their last year of high school the right way, even during COVID-19. 

Prom, Gradbash and graduation are rites of passage not only at Miami Palmetto Senior High School, but all over the world. This year, seniors struggle with not having the opportunity to experience the events that society has placed on a pedestal.

With adequate time and planning, seniors can safely experience what remains of their last high school year. 

As a senior, I would like to have all three of those activities; however, due to the situation, I understand that not all of them may happen, or any at all.  

One day of senior activities, with mask-wearing enforced and proper social distancing precautions in place, could give seniors one positive thing to look forward to. 

Senior year is a time to celebrate all the hard work students  have put in over the past  four years. Not having senior activities makes it harder to achieve the full celebration that everyone has promised us — that we as seniors deserve

I believe seniors should have the chance to experience prom, Gradbash and graduation for their final hurrah before saying goodbye to their high school experience.


No (V.A.)

As we approach that time of year when seniors begin to get ready for their final moments with one another, it is unfortunate that they cannot celebrate in the traditional way they hoped and expected. With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, having these special moments together could potentially lead to more cases.

The class of 2021 has certainly not had the same experience as seniors in the past, but it is for the safety of them and others. 

During prom, Gradbash and graduation, many students stand close together. In past years this did not matter, but because of the pandemic, doing so could cause many to fall ill. 

There are other ways in which seniors can enjoy the final moments of their senior year. I just do not personally believe that having large in-person events are worth it. Having to remain six feet apart  just does not create the  same fun, exuberant atmosphere. 

Although I am not yet a senior and personally do not know how it feels to have these experiences taken away from me, I remain certain that these senior events are not worth the risk. I have seen how much fun seniors had during past events. However, these experiences went on with no pandemic-related restrictions, making them completely different than what has become necessary today. So, why go along with doing it all if it does not feel the same as they had hoped anyway, and could cause severe illnesses and even lead to death?

While it might not be the most fun experience seniors ever have, not having these events ensures that everyone stays safe and avoids transmitting the virus.