Should Halloween Be Canceled This Year? (FACEOFF)

Camilla Bondy and Isabel Lopez

Yes (C.B.)

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween, because I get to dress up with my friends and spend the night with them. 

When I celebrate Halloween, I usually go door-to-door and get as much candy as I can. After we knock on every door we can get to, we go back to one of our houses and count to see who got the most pieces.  

Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I do not feel safe going out and getting close to people. In past experiences, most of the houses I have visited leave candy outside in a bowl and trick or treaters run up to grab it with no regards to personal space.

If Halloween occurs in its traditional manner, this pandemic may only worsen; cases may spike. I believe a celebration could happen, but only if the people hanging out follow the proper precautions to stay safe.

Going up to people’s doors and reaching into the same basket or bowl that a lot of other people have reached into poses a high risk of contracting the virus. Although putting the candy in a plastic bag to distribute it would serve as a safer alternative and pose less of a risk,  the plastic leads to environmental issues.

According to the CDC, celebrating with your family in the traditional, yet semi-altered way is better than going through the streets and walking with a big group of people.

Masks remain imperative when it comes to trick or treating. Wearing a mask should not be optional. Although it might not go with someone’s costume, it still plays an important role as it keeps others safe as well. 

As the country faces another spike in cases with Halloween right around the corner, I do not think we should go trick or treating, or at least not in large groups. People want this quarantine to end; however, throwing parties will most likely lead to an increase of cases. 

If people decide to proceed with Halloween by following  proper guidelines, such as staying six feet apart, wearing masks and not sharing things with each other, we could have an eventful and safe Halloween. Unfortunately, as seen in previous circumstances, cases will most likely rise, leaving many at risk.


No (I.L.)


With the pandemic causing most annual events to either be rescheduled or canceled, fall and winter holidays such as Halloween must go on. 

Halloween can be one of those nights where you slip into a world of imagination. I think of Halloween as the one night where I can dress up in a costume without anyone saying anything about it. This has been an ongoing tradition ever since I was a child, for both me and my friends.

Although we are in unfortunate times where the COVID-19 pandemic currently strikes across the world, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a plan for the safety of everyone. According to the CDC, to make trick-or-treating safer, one must avoid direct contact with other people, wear a mask, practice social distancing when handing out candy or make single halloween bags for each kid to take. Wearing a mask should be mandatory for the sake of everyone.  Some other effective ways to prevent the spread come from carrying hand sanitizer, staying six feet away from others and  hanging out outdoors, since indoor activities present a higher risk of contracting the virus due to crowding and stuffy, ventilated places. 

Thus, participating in Halloween activities remains a possibility, so long as everyone follows restrictions. Some ideas for a safe yet fun way to spend Halloween include visiting a pumpkin patch, a corn maze or even hosting a Halloween movie night while social distancing with a few friends. 

Virtual events do not stop there. One may find creative ideas to spend this holiday, such as by having Halloween costume contests through a Coom call or virtually watching a movie through Netflix Party with family and friends. There are a variety of exciting ways to stay safe while not cancelling Halloween. 

This all depends on how well people follow the CDC safety guidelines. The best thing for someone who wants to celebrate Halloween is to listen to the CDC and see what they say. Everyone should be aware of the risks and we should work together to maintain and reduce the COVID-19 rates. While large parties present a huge risk during this pandemic, if people  distance and encourage others to do so, this Halloween will be a fun and unique one for the books.