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FACEOFF: Is Astrology Real?

FACEOFF: Is Astrology Real?

Isabel Lopez and Ella Pedroso March 2, 2021

No (I.L.) One may look at their phone and search for well-known websites such as Co-star or Cafeastrology to check out their zodiac signs and horoscopes. While a funny idea and a great way to open a...

FACEOFF: Should Inmates Be Allowed to Have Their Phones in Jail?

Katriona Page and Gianna Hutton February 20, 2021

Yes (K.P.) The U.S. prison system — home to 2.3 million people as of Mar. 2020 — is notoriously unpleasant, with many prisons denying their inmates adequate living conditions and a sense of dignity....

FACEOFF: Should Fans Be Allowed At Sporting Events?

Sydney Campbell and Camilla Bondy February 15, 2021

Yes (S.C.) COVID-19 has caused unprecedented events and changes to everyday life. The pandemic has truly started “a new normal,” with live concerts and fans at sporting events acting as the most...

FACEOFF: Godzilla VS Kong: Who Wins?

Michael Angee and Valentina Arias February 9, 2021

Team Godzilla (M.A.) Godzilla is a prehistoric sea monster powered by nuclear radiation as a result of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings during World War II. Since his first appearance in 1954, Godzilla...

14 Days of Love Day 9 (FACEOFF): Is Valentine’s Day Overrated?

14 Days of Love Day 9 (FACEOFF): Is Valentine’s Day Overrated?

Ana Martinez and Allison Gould February 9, 2021

Yes (A.M.) Valentine’s Day: a corporate holiday filled with unduly sweet chocolates and cheesy greeting cards. While the holiday may promote love to those around us, it highlights the wrong morals...

FACEOFF: Should School Events Be Held with Precautions?

FACEOFF: Should School Events Be Held with Precautions?

Valentina Caceres and Valentina Arias January 30, 2021

Yes (V.C.) Though the effects of the pandemic vary depending on the individual, the whole world has collectively endured a time of darkness. Thus, holding safe school events seems like the least we...

FACEOFF: Is Netflix Still Worth it?

FACEOFF: Is Netflix Still Worth it?

Katriona Page and Gianna Hutton January 27, 2021

No (K.P.) Until about 2018 or 2019, Netflix was the streaming service to have; the cooler, superior older sister of Hulu, HBO Max and all the other subsequent copycats. However, since then, Netflix...

Should Seniors Have Prom, Gradbash and Graduation?

Should Seniors Have Prom, Gradbash and Graduation?

Camilla Bondy and Valentina Arias January 25, 2021

Yes (C.B.) Senior year: a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone looks forward to at the beginning of their high school career and throughout life. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has put...

FACEOFF: Should Schools Punish Students for What They Say Outside Of School?

Samantha Elkins and Valentina Arias January 19, 2021

No (S.E.) In this day and age, social media plays a role in almost everything we do; marketing, politics and keeping in touch with friends benefit from it. Students, especially, have grown up with the...

FACEOFF: Will You Take the COVID-19 Vaccine When it is Made Available

Nicole Markus and Katriona Page December 7, 2020

Yes-N.M This Thanksgiving, I felt nervous and unhappy. My normally happy dinner with my grandparents and extended family looked bleak; it only had a sliver of the traditions it generally did. I did...

Should Halloween Be Canceled This Year? (FACEOFF)

Camilla Bondy and Isabel Lopez October 24, 2020

Yes (C.B.) One of my favorite holidays is Halloween, because I get to dress up with my friends and spend the night with them.  When I celebrate Halloween, I usually go door-to-door and get as much...

Would a Hybrid Schedule Be Beneficial? (FACEOFF)

Samantha Elkins and Katriona Page October 10, 2020

Samantha: No   During these unprecedented times, no one knows how to approach going back to school. The school district, parents, students and the government all have something to say  — no answer...

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