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Rip N’ Time review

Sereena Gee, Staff Writer

High school band, Rip N’ Time, releases their first album this winter, entitled “Playing Her Guitar Suite”. The genre claims to hold a Rock/Indie style, with a blend of instruments, the sound becomes very distinctive, as their talent shows through in every track.

Three songs in particular, each with interesting names. One, entitled “Playing Her Guitar” includes soft vocals and fits the title as various guitar chords are featured in the song. The song definitely defines the “space, time and music” criteria.

Another song, an instrumental called “Twisting Road”, lasts over 8 minutes, started off sounding like a perfectly normal song, until what sounded like an alien’s shrill started repeating itself. The song reaches slow and fast points, with the guitar featured again throughout. All relating back to the name of their band “Playing Her Guitar Suite”, it only makes sense to incorporate guitar chords.

The last song, an instrumental called “Suite Dream”, which I can say is somewhat of an original title, sounded close to Twisting Road, with alien-like shrills and all. However, it did have a calming aspect.

The band’s Extended Play album (more than a single but too short to be a complete album), Playing Her Guitar Suite, will be released on December 23, 2013. If you are in search for a mix of blues, choral harmonies and rock all in one album, then make sure to get a copy of Rip ‘N Time’s upcoming debut album.

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Rip N’ Time review