Rapper Bobby Shmurda Freed From Prison

Michael Angee, Design Editor

New York rapper Ackquille Pollard, better known as Bobby Shmurda, has been released from prison after serving six years of his seven year sentence. 

Shmurda was charged with weapon and conspiracy charges after prosecutors found that the then-20 year old rapper was the leader of a drug gang in East Flatbush Brooklyn. Pollard will serve the rest of his term under parole. 

Arrested at the height of his career, Shmurda’s hit singles “Shmoney Dance” and “Bobby B*tch” made Shmurda one of the up-and-coming artists of the early 2010s. 

Shmurda had performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! only a few days before his arrest. 

In 2014, authorities raided Shmurda and his crew, GS9. 15 GS9 members, including Shmurda, were arrested. The charges included murder, assualt and drug dealing. 

Charges of weapon possession and conspiracy are what locked Shmurda up until Feb 23. 

The Brooklyn rapper took a plea deal that helped avoid a trial that could have possibly sentenced his friend and fellow rapper, Rowdy Rebel, to decades in prison. 

Migos rapper Quavo told Billboard that he would receive Shmurda upon his release on Feb. 23. 

“Did six and didn’t switch!” Quavo captioned a video depicting him and Shmurda walking out of a jet the day of his release, signaling the strong bond that the two maintained throughout the six years of Shmurda’s incarceration. 

Upon arrival at the airport, Shmurda was handed multiple plaques for several singles he released prior to his tenure in prison. His project “Shmurda She Wrote” also earned gold certification while the rapper was in prison.