Is Cyber Monday Better Than Black Friday?

Allison Gould, Opinion Editor

Each year, people get excited for the day  after Thanksgiving, Black Friday the one day of the year that almost every single store has a sale.  Since Black Friday serves as an opportunity for people to find good deals, malls  fill with crowds , which can be very hectic and stressful. To combat these issues with  Black Friday, stores started extending deals to their websites, with free shipping, a percentage off prices and buy-one, get-one free deals. According to Reader’s Digest, in 2005, this system of online deals after Black Friday was coined as Cyber Monday. Recently, there has been an increase in sales online due to the growth of platforms like Amazon, displaying a growing popularity of this “extended” Black Friday. Overall, Cyber Monday is a better method for saving money than Black Friday.

With a name like “Cyber Monday,” one might assume that online sales would only be  on the Monday following Thanksgiving, but Cyber Monday sometimes lasts from Thanksgiving Day through the following week, according to Time. This gives  people more time to find  deals they want and ultimately purchase items they like. 

Additionally,   deals available on  Cyber Monday differ from those found on Black Friday because of Internet accessibility. Through the Internet, companies can offer sales on experiences, not just material items such as clothing and technology. Some of the deals one can find online include money off travel and hotels, giving  people the opportunity to take a vacation they might not otherwise have been able to afford. . Smart Travel displays some of the travel savings one can find. .

Cyber Monday also provides benefits on a personal comfort level. The ability to shop online rather than in-store gives anyone with Internet easy access to sales at all times. Whether in the comfort of your home or your workplace, Cyber Monday empowers consumers to shop at their leisure with no added stress. After the holiday, family may also still be in town; trying to balance physically shopping and spending time with them may be hard, so Cyber Monday allows you to be with your family as you shop. 

Cyber Monday has seen an increasing amount of shoppers, with now  approximately 75 million spending $7.9 billion dollars last year, according to NBC News. This information reflects  the widespread craze for Cyber Monday and its promise for  the future.

Altogether, the fad over Cyber Monday is well-deserved, as many of its aspects make it superior to Black Friday. So when looking for the best deals, wait for Cyber Monday. .