How to Dress For Fall in Miami

Isabella Hewitt, Multimedia Photo Editor

Fall in Miami does not feel too different from the summer months, but some weeks the city experiences a cold front, leaving Miamians in a state of shock.

As many prepare for the transition from summer to fall, they may feel stumped when it comes to updating their wardrobe to be more fall-appropriate.

Jean jackets are one way to dress for the fall season.  Jean jackets which continue to be trendy have expanded to include not only plain designs on regular denim, but also intricate ones with various colors. Some may include star print, cheetah print, stripes and more.  

Corduroy jackets are a perfect garment for fall that spice up any outfit and serve as a fancier alternative to jean jackets, but still provide warmth. These jackets pair well with jeans, skirts, shorts and any other bottom of choice.

“During the fall months, I go for wool and thicker materials that keep me warm, while my summer fabrics are obviously much lighter and airy,” Miami Palmetto Senior High School sophomore, seamstress and fashion designer Cassandra Pita said.

When it comes to comfort, sweatpants, sweatshirts, crewnecks, hoodies and leggings all come in clutch. While some may try to dress cute for the first few cold days, it gets tiring picking out stylish outfits, and some may want to stay warm and comfortable.  

Long skirts and dresses provide a chic yet warm look. Many stores, such as Zara, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom, offer a variety of these pieces. For a cheaper and more sustainable option, thrift stores also sell long skirts and dresses.  

Another way to stay warm and trendy is by layering clothing items. Many pieces layer well together, especially turtlenecks. These tops allow one to stay warm while being easily layered since they are thin and provide neck coverage. Leather jackets can also be layered and even paired with turtlenecks. 

“I definitely see everyone in the school trying to warm up when it gets cold but also trying to be cute. It’s really fun to pull out the turtlenecks and sweaters, which are a great form of expression while also staying warm,” Pita said.

Jeans are another piece that goes with almost everything. If the weather is not too cold, one can wear jeans and a regular t-shirt, but if the temperature drops, one can wear jeans with a crew neck or some type of hoodie.