Hoco Tips For Guys

Camila Myers, life editor

Every year when homecoming season comes around, many girls go crazy stressing themselves out about all the things they need to figure out to prepare for the day of the dance. The dress, the shoes, the jewelry, the hair, the makeup and so much more become responsibilities for girls to sort out.

As girls frantically prepare, many boys sit and wonder why girls find themselves so overwhelmed by homecoming. After all, most boys simply pick the same basic suit —which many of them already own— and are worry-free until homecoming day. There are many things boys can do that will spruce up their look and help them make sure they put forth maximum effort to look the best they can for the girls who do the same.

Get a haircut/styled:

Although boys seem to have an emotional attachment to their hair, similar to how girls do, getting a haircut a couple days before homecoming will not hurt. A small trim to make sure their hair is not constantly falling in their faces or to make sure it does not look like they just rolled out of bed may be a good idea; ask your barber for a small, barely noticeable trim. If getting a haircut is not an option for you, or your hair is not in need of a cut, perhaps try to style it. Whether it is just brushing it or putting some gel in, make sure your hair looks like there was effort put into making it look clean and sophisticated.

Make sure your suit fits right:
Similar to how every girl has at least one staple black dress, many boys have one suit that they have had for years and use for every occasion. Wearing the suit that is already stored away is not a problem, but make sure it still fits properly and has not been outgrown. If the suit is from five years ago and the jacket sleeves barely reach to the wrist, perhaps rent a proper fitting suit for the night. Not only will it look better, but it will also be more comfortable. There are many websites from which to rent a suit, such as theblacktux.com and generationtux.com so do not hesitate to look for a new one if the old one is past its prime.

Find accessories to match your date’s outfit:

As cliche as it sounds, the little things go a long way. Make sure to communicate with your date about subtly matching your outfits. Make sure corsages and ties match the color scheme of your date’s dress or suit. If wanted, go the extra mile and make sure the socks match the dress, too. These little details will add a lot to the overall outfit and definitely will not go unnoticed.