Fun Foods for Super Bowl LV

Jane Heise, Print Editor-in-Chief

The restrictions accompanying COVID-19 may make many Super Bowl parties much smaller this year, but indulging in some fattening, delicious foods offers an opportunity to keep up a few traditions. For a fun bonding experience, whip up a few dishes with the rest of your family to enjoy during the game.

  • Nachos: A classic game-day favorite that even the worst of chefs cannot mess up, this chips-and-cheese combination makes any Super Bowl party better. For those who have gluten or dairy dietary restrictions, nachos act as a great substitute for items that you cannot eat without ruining the satisfaction of a dish. Recipe at
  • Fried pickles: This savory snack requires an air-fryer, so for those that may have received one of these contraptions over the holidays, this weekend is the time to pull it off the shelf. This is a great snack to munch on during the game and takes only five minutes to prepare. Recipe at
  • Guacamole: Guacamole truly tastes better when you prepare it yourself, and being able to customize the amount of tomatoes, onions, limes or any other flavorings ensures that you will not end up with your least favorite addition, the way you might if you opt for the store-bought version. Feel free to replace t ingredients you do not enjoy and heap on things that you do love. Recipe at
  • Chicken parm sliders: This combines the best of both worlds and spices up the usual boring sliders that accompany most football-viewing experiences. This recipe takes the difficulties of this dish and throws them to the side, making it very possible to whip this up right before the game. Recipe at
  • Pizza: If you find yourself craving this Italian specialty (and also feeling slightly lazy), opt to buy from a local restaurant instead of a chain. Miami has spectacular pizza places, but make sure to order earlier in the day so you do not receive your food after the game has ended. Some of the best pizza places include: Miami’s Best Pizza, Forno Italiano Pizzeria and Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza.