From a Biden Supporter: Dear President, Please Do Not Re-run

Ryan McKean, Senior Multimedia Editor

Since 1972, President Joe Biden has served this country as a politician. The dedication he has provided to his country is unmatched. Being elected as the sixth youngest senator in U.S. history at age 29 for the state of Delaware, it is safe to say that President Biden knows a thing or two about serving his country. However, after an almost 50-year tenure serving this country, many believe that his time is up. 

Politicians are like athletes, there comes a time when their age catches up to them, and one must know when to hang up their cleats. With the 2024 presidential election coming up in about two years, many are questioning if President Biden is fit to re-run. The main reason for this is his age; he is 79 years old and will be almost 82 by the time the election comes around. 

Serving as the president of the U.S. at 86 years old is not what is best for this country. The political agenda does not matter, what matters is if one is capable of serving as president of the U.S. as an 86-year-old man. President Biden needs to put his health and family over his political agenda because eventually, age will catch up to him and the consequences could prove dire.

As of this October, President Biden announced that he intends to run for president in 2024. Once he makes a formal decision, regulations will kick in, and he will be treated as a presidential candidate along with still serving as the acting president of the U.S. He then would have to focus on the campaigning process and not put his full effort into other areas of his presidency because President Biden would be focused on his reelection campaign. 

Being the oldest President to ever be sworn into office, there remain rising concerns from his party members that he is not capable of running for reelection, not only because of his age but his low approval rating. However, President Biden is attempting to convince his party and the American people that he is capable of serving four more years as the country’s president when others beg to differ. 

President Biden should rethink the decision of running for re-election before it is too late.