Early Voting Begins in Florida Two Weeks Before Election

Nicole Markus, Editor-in-Chief

Floridians wait in lines at the Pinecrest Library to vote early. On Monday, Oct. 19, early voting began in Florida. According to the Sun Sentinel, long voting lines characterized the first two days of the Florida polls, and many have reported an unusally large turnout at this stage of the election. The large turnout may come as a result of COVID-19 or the heavy push towards voter registration this year.
Signs direct voters to the line. This year, stickers placed on the floor indicated a necessary six feet separation between voters, a result of the social distancing guideline put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Masks were also required to vote.



After voting, a sign directs voters out of the library where early voting took place. There are many early voting centers across Miami-Dade county this year. For a full list of locations, visit the Miami-Dade County Website.
Laura McNaughton for Pinecrest Council Seat 3 stands outside the polls. The candidates for Pinecrest council will likely focus on this early voting center, as it is one of the largest ones in Pinecrest and the surrounding areas.
A sign draws the line for where last-minute campaigning can take place. Candidates and volunteers must stand behind this point to follow guidelines for campaigning.
A volunteer campaigns for Luisa Santos, who is running for the District 9 School Board seat. Santos is running against Commissioner Dennis Moss. One of the two candidates will take over for Dr. Larry Feldman, who is retiring this year.


A volunteer campaigns for Jose Javier Rodriguez’s re-election campaign for State Senator. Rodriguez runs against Ileana Garcia, a GOP-backed candidate for the position.
Shannon del Prado’s campaign for Pinecrest Council Seat 3 was also present at Pinecrest’s early voting site. Both del Prado and McNaughton, her opponent, held signs indicating one of their endorsements.
Volunteers from McNaughton’s, Garcia’s and del Prado’s campaign hope to catch voters’ attention as they enter the parking lot of the Pinecrest Library where early voting takes place. (Nicole Markus)