Drone controversy is sky high

Shane McCrink, Staff Writer

        Imagine ordering an item online and within the hour, it arrives at your doorstep. Palmetto graduate and founder/CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos unveiled the world’s newest innovation in an interview on a recent episode of CBS’ “60 Minutes”. Within the next ten years, Amazon will create and utilize man-made drones in order to enhance the company. No, not war drones, but drones which deliver Amazon products straight to the customer’s door.

The company’s planned delivery system called “Prime Air”, delivers products to customers within 30 minutes of their confirmed order. The drones carry items in small yellow buckets and are capable of delivering up to five pounds in weight, which according to Besoz accounts for 86 percent of Amazon’s items. The items will be flown from one of Amazon’s 96 fulfillment center warehouses, located across the world. The drones, programmed to go to the location of the buyer,  conveniently drop the purchases right on their doorstep.

“I think it is great because when I order stuff online I hate waiting a long time to get my order,” sophomore Yonatan Deubelbeiss said. “With the drones I won’t have that problem anymore.”

Some people believe the drones will create problems because they might hit people walking in the street or possibly even be stolen.

“I think people might shoot down the drones,” junior Thomas Lemon said. “Someone’s order and money will be wasted.”

Amazon along with DHL will be the first companies planning to use the new delivery system. Expecting to kickstart in 2017, the new drone delivery system must wait for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval before they fill the skies.