Dear Traveling Influencers

Valentina Arias, Multimedia Photo Editor

A long time has passed since the pandemic commenced and while, yes, it is boring, that still does not give any of you the privilege to travel all around the world on vacation. People have lost lives, jobs, homes and more to this pandemic and because of your traveling, things can only get worse from here, not better.

Influencers need to use their platforms as a way to guide others into making better choices.The actions of the influencers who decide to travel should not be considered acceptable. People should look at your actions as an example of what we all should not do.  

Every time you travel, you expose yourselves and others to the possibility of getting sick with the virus. People with that amount of power in their hands should think and stay home. It benefits many. Instead of going on a plane and risking the spread of COVID-19, you need to stay home and set a good example to your fans.

Instead of traveling, you could have picked an alternative way to have fun. Months ago, influencers urged their fans to avoid travel and stay home to be safe. Reversing this position shows complete hypocrisy, and instead of listening to their own words of advice, have gone out and risked it all. Rather than showing your fans other ways of having fun while still staying safe you made leaving their home and traveling seem like an acceptable thing to do.

You teach other to be inconsiderate. As influencers, you have done wrong and set a bad example to all those people who looked up to you. And yes, you can do whatever you please, but the fact that you chose to do what you did reflects your character.

I hope that this backlash has taught you to use your platforms for the better. Next time, make better choices and follow COVID-19 restrictions.