Day 4: Why rooming with a high school friend is beneficial


Sofia Brand, Staff Writer

Going through the transition from high school to college, students have mixed emotions when it comes to rooming with new people. Having a friend as a roommate could make the transition from high school smoother and less stressful. Compared to living with someone else, being roommates with someone you are friends with takes away one more obstacle. The greatest fear of going in blind to room with someone new is that both of you will be completely incompatible and unable to tolerate one another.

When rooming with a friend, both of you are already familiar with each others’ limits and know what to expect. Unlike rooming with a stranger, with a friend you are able to feel more comfortable in your dorm and do not have to worry about not getting along with them. At times a new roommate could do something you are not comfortable with; and since you are not completely comfortable with them yet, a small issue may become difficult to resolve.

For instance, if your roommate is a messy person and leaves everything out of its place you may want to confront them and tell them to clean up, without sounding too demanding. On the other hand, if a similar situation occurred with a friend, you would have more confidence to know how to successfully resolve the issue.

Some students see rooming with a stranger as a chance to have a true college experience.  It gives students the opportunity to meet new people and branch out of their high school friends. Even though rooming with a stranger is risky because you may not have the same interests as them, it does open up your tolerance to accept the views of different people. The fear of rooming with a friend is the possibility of having a fight with them and later on having that friendship get ruined. It may seem because you are already friends you will both get along just fine, however since you spend most of your time with them arguments can arise at any time. If you are lucky, your roommate can end up being a good friend and both of you have a long-lasting friendship.