Best At-Home Workouts

Allison Gould, Life Editor

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, going to the gym may seem like a dangerous decision, yet people still want to remain active. Over the past 10 months, at-home workouts via free sites like YouTube, as well as monetary-based workouts, have gained immense popularity; people have the ability to workout without gym memberships, any equipment or going to a place where there is a risk of COVID-19 exposure and still see real results. Below is a compilation of the best at-home workouts and fitness channels, ranging from high intensity interval training to strength training and more.

POPSUGAR Fitness, a YouTube channel and website, has a wide variety of HIIT, cardio and strength workouts to try at home. POPSUGAR has something for everyone, with some of its own workouts as well as workouts that feature health and fitness instructors that have their own, independent platforms. From their playlists of dance cardio to full body strength to HIIT videos, their range of offers includes anyone who wants to get active.

Sydney Cummings, a tried-and-true free fitness instructor, provides her subscribers and watchers with a similar variety of workouts, but primarily focuses on cardio and HIIT for cardio workouts more similar to ones at the gym. One of her most popular videos is the 30-minute fat burning HIIT workout, which has remained a staple in many workout routines since she uploaded it in  2019. With well over 800 videos, her channel offers people new workouts for many years. If viewers need a rest day or ways to stretch, many of her videos target this topic, giving people the chance to rest their body before continuing to workout.

MadFit, or Maddie Lymburner, is another fitness instructor that has some of the best at-home workouts. Her videos also provide people with the chance to do a cardio workout or strength workout, depending on their desired work for the day. A popular one that links pop culture and trends with working out are the various “Dance Party” workouts; the playlists consist of songs that correlate with the theme of the workout, such as Tik Tok songs or Taylor Swift’s “Evermore.”

Depending on one’s schedule or workout preference, different websites provide classes at varying price points. Some of the highly ranked workouts come from Peloton and Melissa Wood Health; both of these sites offer a free trial period to determine whether one wants to commit to a subscription. Other local fitness locations, such as 9Round, also offer the option to take classes from the comfort of your own home.

Taking either the free or payment-based classes offer a healthy way of staying active in the midst of COVID-19. If none of these workouts appeal to you, YouTube has countless free videos, ensuring you find a workout you enjoy.