Adele Announces Her Comeback with the Album “30”

Paul Yan, Design Editor

British Singer-Songwriter Adele recently announced her new album “30” is on the way. The highly anticipated album is planned to release on Nov. 19. Fans rejoiced because this album is Adele’s first in six years. 

Adele has teased the album since the beginning of October; billboards in Brazil, Mexico, Dubai, Italy, Germany, Ireland, the U.S. and the U.K. displayed the album title “30” during this time.The billboard caused much speculation among fans. Fans guessed the “30” meant the release of new music since all her album titles reflect her age at time of release. Adele confirmed speculations on Oct. 4 through social media posts.

Adele recently held an Instagram live where she answered fans’ questions. On the livestream, she shared that the upcoming album would discuss her divorce from her ex-husband Simon Koneck. She also teased the first 30 seconds of her first single off the album, “Easy on Me.”

Yesterday, she released all of “Easy on Me.” The song is a heartfelt message about her divorce from her husband layered over an emotional piano ballad.