A day in the life of an Athletic Trainer


Photo by Marlowe Starling

Benjamin Spiegelman, Sports Editor

The athletic training program at Palmetto allows students to get hands on training and experience with student athletes. Ms. Michele Benz, the athletic trainer, covers sports nutrition, training and conditioning and responding to environmental hazards. Students learn about healthy eating habits and maintaining a balanced diet.

“Many times at back to school night, parents come to me and tell me they’re learning through their children about nutrition, or how to more effectively work out at the gym,” Benz said.

Students learn about environmental hazards and how they affect the athletic training community in another large portion of the class. Students learn how to deal with severe weather or weather related injuries.

“In South Florida, there are more lightning deaths than any other place on the planet,” Benz said. “With as much outdoor activity as we all engage in everyday, it is important to know when it is time to seek shelter.”

Benz observed a lack of self-reliance in injuries. Most people just rely on their parents or relatives to give them medical advice but sometimes students may need to help themselves.

“In case of outdoor injuries and illnesses, students are taught how to cope with these problems and are given opportunities to apply their skills later on,” Benz said. “For example, students are given the ability to attend football games and learn hands on how to deal with these issues.”

The Athletic Training Club is available for those not in the class to join, but only a couple spots remain.