Spit Spoof: AP Exams Are the Most Therapeutic Time of Year For Students

Denise Vaque, Design Editor

This article is purely satirical. None of the information posted is factual.

Every May, students across the country prepare to take Advanced Placement exams administered by the College Board in hopes of scoring high enough to earn college credits and boost their resumes. With each exam lasting a brief two to four hours, AP exams offer an opportunity for students to prove their academic worth and make the year’s AP coursework worth it. 

Despite the seemingly stressful premise behind taking multiple AP Exams that evaluate a whole year’s worth of learning in one session, new scientific research from The College Board shows that 60% of students feel the least stressed during AP Exam season; especially seniors.  Students feel so calm, comfortable and happy with their ability to affirm their academic knowledge that they even cry (tears of joy) or fall asleep during exams. 

“My least favorite part of the AP Exams is actually putting the seals on when it’s all over. I actually really like rushing to read and answer two multiple-choice questions per minute. It is very relaxing and coloring in the bubbles brings me a really big sense of peace,” a Palmetto AP student said. 

With a reasonable amount of material covered in each exam, many students find the exams very enjoyable. Overall, Palmetto students say that when AP tests come around, they are more relaxed than ever. 

Thanks to mental health videos provided to Florida students by the state, students are more stable and happier than ever. School counselors across the nation say that student crisis rates are down, which can only be linked to the return of in-person exams. 

We can all thank The College Board for eradicating the nation’s youth mental health crisis with their AP Exams.