South Florida Returns to Walking and Running for Charity

Michael Angee, Sports Editor

As COVID-19 restrictions loosen, runners and walkers in South Florida are gearing up to get back to running and walking. The Superintendent’s 5K — which took place during the first week of March — encapsulated the liberating feeling of being able to run once more within the community of runners present in Miami. 

Other runs are taking place this year for anyone willing to participate. The Pinecrest 5K took place on Feb. 26, and runners were pleased to return to an environment where they once ran in previous years. 

With the rise of community runs, charity walks are also making a comeback. Causes such as breast cancer awareness and heart disease research encourage runners and walkers to selflessly participate to unify and inspire others around the community. 

“I believe the importance — especially in events that support these causes — because you normally have to pay for these events and that money goes to these causes that you’re running for,” Miami Palmetto Senior High freshman, track and cross country team member Brandon Devito.  “Also running is a nice event and everyone likes to go out and run and makes you feel better and it’ll make you feel even better when you know you’re supporting a big cause.” 

Runs after the COVID-19 lockdown, as well as the current restrictions still in place, have runners and other active members of the South Florida community excited for the future. 

“Anyone can do it really, it doesn’t matter: You don’t have to run the event, you can just walk, you can [go] there for fun and go with people you love and care for,” Devito said. 

Throughout Miami, the buzz of the upcoming runs —for charity, leisure or both — is heating up with runners expressing their concern and support any way they can. 

“I do think [charity runs] are beneficial to communities because it brings people together. It gives this feeling of togetherness and you’re just there to have fun with your community and help those in need,”